Stupidest Things Some People Do on the Internet


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1 Giving out your personal information

I live in Earth - MrCoolC

Some people actually posted their own social security card online... - TheFourthWorld

I love this list so much! Good job!

By the way, my exact location is 1234 T.V. Street and my password is abcd1234.

You can make bad posts as me so people think my posts are worse than they already are!

2 Accidentally sending a message/text to the wrong person
3 Accepting friend requests from people you don’t have mutual friends with on social networking websites
4 Feeding the trolls

Here, trolls! Want some candy?

5 Trolling Trolling

Lol, I’m here for money and I will buy you a soda if you you give me a password do you like cheese I can buy you cheese. I like you, stupid, and I’m looking for you. *PERFECT EXAMPLE

It's okay if your purpose is to make people laugh though. Like BarneyTheDinosaurRocks. - TheFourthWorld

6 Typing 'Amen' on every post you’re asked to

Amen. - TheFourthWorld

7 Sending chain letters to people

2008 Youtube comments in a nutshell. - Zach808


8 Disrespecting other people's opinions

Well I respect opinions but not very odd and distinctive opinions,and that's why I got suspended because Jada keeps shoving her opinions down my throat and so as Elihbk- Kevinsidis

9 Insulting people you barely know

Someone did that to me! They said I should die and they said I was dumb even though they used improper grammar and typed random keys!

I don't know why that person did it and you do not deserve to get bullied because you are a great user and very kind

Thanks for making this list and I hate it when people bully you online but on thetoptens, it's friendly as long if you don't hate on popular things

10 Horrible grammar

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11 Lying about things to get popular

What, I NEVER lie.

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