Stupidest Types of People

What type of person really bugs you? Vote for the most annoying or stupidest types of people.

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They're horrible people.

This is at the top

This is lower than bronies? Please remind me of the time when a brony killed millions of people just because they had different beliefs.

These people should be in the top 10

Trump Supporters

You have no brain if you like Trump. He has done nothing good for this country, and even said that the Coronavirus was a hoax.

Except Camaro6. She's very nice and respectful!

Nope. There is nothing wrong with supporting Trump.

Worst people and Most dumb people ever


Get dis to number one. I mean common sense


I agree homophobes need to see their reflection of who they are and how much their side has wreak havoc to the homos It's very stupid and ignorant homosexuals shall accept of who they are and other gay celebrities do like Elton John, Freddie mercury, and David Furnish. They should feel sorry for them of being diagnosed with a disease called aids and shall be tainted with sorrowness of the loss of the homos and how excruciating to feel their loss and everything.

Close minded mouth-breathers who hate on people for loving whoever they want to just because they believe the bible says it's wrong. The bible never said that.

Gays deserve that

Uts just oplan stupid I see it everywhere at school and on the internet and my brothers frenfs people who are into their gender there's nothing wrong ith that

Justin Bieber Fans

This is so true! Beliebers are mental

These people still exist?

So bad, it is twice in top 10


Ignorant people really need to buy themselves a book to figure out what feminism really means, and read about how women ( feminists) fought for equal rights and pay so that these ungrateful modern day females can be more than just a housewife maid. If you want to be a housewife, then go ahead as long as it was your choice alone.

I am going to admit that there are females who call themselves feminist and at times cry wolf, but the thing is they're not feminist when they're putting down men. They're hypocrites who're possible a man hater as well, and are nothing but posers, a wolf in sheep's clothing. I can't stand those kind of "feminist" because they're making the rest of look bad, and they defeat the purpose of wanting to be equal to men.

Anti feminist originally means that you don't see women equal as men. It makes me laugh when I see young ladies saying they're anti feminist because they believe in equal rights. That's like saying you're an atheist and you believe in ...more

Mainly the modern day ones.

Lemme say it again : Hey Feminists! Government offers free education

Feminists are nothing but dumb hypocrites.


That should not be conservative I see and now I am furious at least they are not hippies freaks unlike liberals I am conservative so angry

Some, not all.

One Direction Fans

How are Emos, Justin Bieber Fans and Directioners above Criminals?

Criminals are worse than Justin Bieber fans!

Actually yes what for to steal things

Should be top 5

Flat Earthers

Definition of stupid

Just found it and flat earthers are the most RETARTED people in the universe. I mean they don't even understand physics.

These people are either preschool or elementary dropout.-TheCoolGuy1

I can’t believe some people still believe this. Someone like Galileo or Newton or Copernicus discovered it was round in like the 1500s or something. Stupid religious fundamentalists

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This can be in top 10 easily.

"Justin Bieber" Fanboys

This is too high on the list. All lot of items are worse than this.

How can anyone stand his garbage "music"?

I can't stand them!

Vomit on Bieber's face

Conspiracy Theorists

Don't believe in conspiracy theories

Shane dawson

Stupid? They're pretty cool in my opinion, actually.
( But not the Alien conspiracy ones...)


Republican policitians


A kid in my class thought he was a "gangsta" because he lied to the teacher and he did ANYTHING for attention and he said rude jokes and in his end of year speech he said he wanted a big big big big bank account... he must have gone out in the hallway for punishment like 1,000,000 times because he was so bad.

Why do people think it is cool to sag their pants and beat people up for no reason? This looks incredibly ridiculous and no one wants to be around them.

People who think it is cool to be a "gangsta" are the majority of the people who will be in jail by age 20.

People must be complete idiots to think that it is cool to do drugs, beat people up, and steal!

Apple Fanboys

They think that their "i phones" and "i pods" and"i" everything are the best when they are just overpriced crap.

Samsung is better

Guess what I have a boy in my class that has 3 apples in his lunchbox he always eats all of them :D

People Who are Against Net Neutrality
Black People Who Call Everyone "N****" Including White People

When black people say the n word, it's normal. When white people say the n word, people yell RACIST!

SammySpore is right this is the logic of people in America -_-

I can't even tell you how many times I have been called a "nigga" by a black person. They call black people and white people "niggas" and it sounds so stupid when they call everyone that.

I have been called "n****" by black people so many times. They think its cool to call everyone that.


I'm pretty sure that every person is afraid of emos because even emos are afraid of themselves.

A boy from my class jack can do the Emo thing with his hair and it looks cool and a little bit stupid so for me it's like half-half :3

Bandwagon Fans

Don't get me started with them! They piss me off

Just have your opinions.

People Who Hate You for No Reason

Why do some people hate you for no reason when they don't even know you yet?

I totally agree. Why would you hate someone that has done nothing to you?

I hate it when I meet some idiot who hates me from the moment he meets me.

Dumbest people on our planet. If someone hates me, it's his/her fault.


I think larpers are funny, but they are still stupid


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