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21 Internet Trolls

Sorry but I am an internet troll. On one video I said the world will end. It was hilarious. - njalabi63989

I especially hate those ignorent stupid trolls on YouTube. Most of them are from the USA. Their was a YouTube video called Canada rules USA sucks. It was only for a joke and all it had was a Canadian flag showing for 3 seconds and it caused a lot of drama. I don't have a YouTube channel anymore but when I get it back I will put WARNNING: Braindead Americans below at the top of the comments. They talk trash about Canada even though they never been here.

Like whoever put 'homosexuals' on this list

I am sorry do do that but I am a internet troll one of my trolls was I was an admin in a game and then I have a mode that I can make a trail that disappears later so I said to a guy to come on my trail and I clicked the clear button and then the guy fell down into a hole and I was safe :D

22 Control Freaks
23 Ugly Morons That Act Like They Get All the Girls

Ugly morons that act like they get all the girls are so stupid because in reality they have a hard time getting ugly girls. They just don't know how stupid and undesirable they are.

These kids don't even get girls. Maybe only fat and ugly ones.

The most notable example of this is Justin Bieber.

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24 Dallas Cowboys Fans
25 Bandwagon Fans

Don't get me started with them! They piss me off - PopMusicSucks

26 People Who "Pimp Out" Their Old Ford Focus and Act Like They Are So Cool When They Drive It

People who "pimp out" their old ford focus and act like they are so cool when they drive it just look stupid driving their beat up crappy car.

27 Southerners

They talk with such a stupid accent and they are so dumb. Classic morons.

Well that's mean. Just cause they're from Texas, New Mexico, or Alabama dosen't mean they're dumb

28 Teenagers Who Brag About Drug Use and Drinking

My family tree is full of these, unfortunately. My cousin's girlfriend came back from a club blind drunk and vomited on her neighbour's front yard, and the neighbour got mad, but my cousin just came up with a fake excuse and moved on. She deserved a punishment! - RaccoonCartoon

This is just messed up!

29 Skateboarders

They are terrible it's a crossbreed between Emo and gangsta I mean skating is really fun but if you skate every single day with professionals and gangstas then u become one of those annoying swag people

30 Bronies

I've never understood why certain groups of people are hated just for liking something. I'll also never understand why this is higher than perverts on the list.

You guys are the most messed up and stupidest types of people who try to be cool with some stupid over-girly looking pony show and call it the number one cartoon! I just wish this should be number one on this list because bronies are pathetic, immature, and hated everywhere!

Hey! There's nothing wrong with men liking My Little Pony! I'm a girl who watches My Little Pony, by the way. And yes, I'm older than ten.

Weird people... that's just my opinion. - CatsOMG

31 Larpers

I think larpers are funny, but they are still stupid - PopMusicSucks

32 People Who Walk Really Slow in Front of You

Only the very young and the very old would be passable with this. Adults don't have an excuse to do this. - njalabi63989

I just push anyone who walks slow in front of me. - PopMusicSucks

Pisses me off like nothing else! - Ananya

Some people have chronic arthritis and are unable to go at the speed they would like. It's not their fault. A little patience and understanding from those ignorant people tutting and huffing behind them would be nice. - Britgirl

33 Conservatives
34 Fangirls

By that do you mean girls who are in love with fictional characters? Then yes.

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35 People Who Say They Have "Swag"

I know right! What are these strange words? Examples: Swagger, Dope, Dank, Ballin', etc.

36 Hypocrites

Looking at you meninists

37 Rappers

Ding a ding a de de ding a ding a de OOO


38 Hipsters
39 The "I Am Always Right" Parents

THe worst types of parents - PopMusicSucks

40 Apple Haters
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