Stupidest Types of People

What type of person really bugs you? Vote for the most annoying or stupidest types of people.

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41 Anti-Bronies
42 Girls That Act Like Guys

They are so dumb. I never like to be around them.

43 Prius Owners
44 Hipster Wannabes

'Lol daisy from Mario is so cool because she's underrated that b***h Rosalina sucks because she's overrated1! 1111! 1! 11! '


45 Muslims

This shouldn't be on here. It's perfectly fine to have opinions, just not when they are racist or rude. You are stereotyping Muslims, and most Muslims wouldn't dream of murdering a person. It is specifically stated in the Muslim holy book that Muslims shouldn't ever kill other people.

What's funny is that islam is a religion of peace yet the extremists ruin it. I wouldn't mind another crusade just to remove groups like ISIS that give Muslims a bad name

This is extremely offensive and needs to be taken down ASAP.

This should be number one.

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46 Taliban

These terrorists are complete idiots!

47 Al-Qaeda
48 People Who Watch "Avatar"

Well it's better than 99% of the bull that's on television today, so who's talking.

49 People Who Watch "Naruto"

No! I'm not a fan but... - Neonco31

50 Homosexuals

Yes, because people who act totally normal and just so happen to have a different sexual preference than you are unfit to aquire basic human rights because a two-thousand year old book written by misogynistic idiots who misinterpreted everything that jesus said is more reliable than common sense and good will towards man. Do you feel like an idiot yet?

God created Adam and EVE not Adam and STEVE. - njalabi63989

51 Squatters
52 Agnostics
53 Perverts
54 Teenagers
55 Creationists
56 Ignorant People
57 YouTube Poopers
58 People Who Listen to Trap Music
59 Republicans
60 Texans

Most people there are bigoted idiots.

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