Stupidest Types of People

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41 People Who Watch "Naruto" V 1 Comment
42 Squatters
43 Agnostics
44 Bronies

I've never understood why certain groups of people are hated just for liking something. I'll also never understand why this is higher than perverts on the list.

You guys are the most messed up and stupidest types of people who try to be cool with some stupid over-girly looking pony show and call it the number one cartoon! I just wish this should be number one on this list because bronies are pathetic, immature, and hated everywhere!

Hey! There's nothing wrong with men liking My Little Pony! I'm a girl who watches My Little Pony, by the way. And yes, I'm older than ten.

Weird people... that's just my opinion. - CatsOMG

45 Perverts
46 Teenagers
47 Creationists
48 Ignorant People
49 People Who Listen to Trap Music
50 Bigots
51 Republicans
52 Texans

Most people there are bigoted idiots.

V 1 Comment
53 Liberals

Bad stubborn people. Hillary deserves more hate than trump - PopMusicSucks

54 Nazis

These people should be in the top 10 - CatsOMG

This is lower than bronies? Please remind me of the time when a brony killed millions of people just because they had different beliefs.

55 Miley Cyrus Fans
56 Nicki Minaj Fans
57 People Who Watch Jersey Shore
58 Parents Who Don't Discipline Their Kids
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