Barack Obama

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Barack Hussein Obama II is the 44th president of the United States of America. He was elected in 2008 after serving in the Senate from 2005-08, beating John McCain and becoming the first African-American to be elected President of the United States. He was elected again in 2012, beating Mitt Romney.


Obama will go down as the worst President since Hoover. He gave the worst terrorist state-Iran hundreds of billions of dollars and lied to the the vote about the Iran nuclear deal terms.
He drew a Red Line in Syria that was was a silly threat and stood by as hundreds of thousands were killed and millions become refugees.
He supported the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and did not support either of two Allies there.
He has backed down against Russia, China and screwed Israel.
He supported the overthrow of Khadafy when Libya was fighiting Ilamic terrorism.
And then there is his domestic policy failures. We have the lowest participation in the labor force in over 30 years.
We have the highest number of people on welfare and the lowest participation in paying income taxes.
He has stymied job growth for all 7 plus years of his presidency by supporting thousand of new restrictive regulations.
He has done more harm to ace relations than any elected leader since Govenor ...more

Hey! Barrack Obama is smarter than any of you will ever be. He went to Harvard Law and graduated top of his class. The only reason that he cannot keep is promises is because the House of Representatives and the Senate (who are both Republican-sided) will not let any of his bills pass.

Every major policy move has been either devious or stupid or both. He ran as a socialist, ("Change You Can Live With"), and every time he presents a new idea, it's a rehash of failed leftist ideology. That, and pushing an agenda designed to make conservatives angry, blacks angry, and anyone else that is paying attention angry. Bush and W were both leftist republicans. However, Barack Obama is a disaster for the USA economically, and appears to be trying to start World War III in Syria or The South China Sea.

He spent 8 long years trying to look like a President, but all he managed to accomplish, was divide our people almost beyond repair! America should thank GOD everyday that a true genius has arrived to start repairing all his stupid actions. President Donald Trump is a man of Honor and we will see a far better America after his 8 year term!

Well said, post which begins 'OK, lets compare Obama to Bush for a second..'. Barack Obama has done many great things for America. Anywhere else in the world, he would probably be liked. Anywhere else in the world, he would be seen as centre-right or maybe centre at a push. But in America, where everyone is ultra-right-wing and terrified of anything remotely left, Obama is hated as a crazy communist liberal.?

Horrible president in every conceivable way. I wish there was something good to say about him...

He promised change for the better, and now we are spiraling down with no hope of a single issue presented being resolved.

When Obama got into office, I was making over $100k a year. Now, I struggle to make $30k, and am on the verge of applying for welfare. 2013 has been the worst year yet for my now 1 man business.

Without argument, Obama is the worst president ever.

Now the USA is making decisions we can't. What we should do is team up with Ukraine and help them with there fight with Russia. We'll the fight hasn't started yet but it will after that plane crash. Obama is to scared too make that decision. What he wants to do is make the Marine Corp into the navy which by the way is not his decision and to think about it he is taking high ranked Marines and making lower ranks. So all are military leaders should make the decision to abandon Obama and make there own decisions.

Obama is an incredibly well-spoken and intelligent man. If it wasn't the case, he wouldn't have been elected two times with the amount of racism in the US. People who voted for him are either biased, racists, idiots or all 3. - lilyflower

This man is unfit to live in the U.S.. He has no understanding of rule of law, values nor the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Who ever nominated this idiot deserves to be locked up with him when the charges are weighed and sentence is passed.

It is more accurate to say the same about Trump. But hey, this is the Internet, where everyone is extremely right-wing and thinks anyone to their left is a communist and thinks Trump is the new messiah - allamassal

Under Obama administration USA is deep in mess, from foreign policy to domestic, he and that dumb Jimmy Carter are the worst presidents ever, I think my aunt's balls are bigger than Obama's...

This guy is a total fake and is not in touch with any people around the world. He is destroying the country and is against the constitution. He is controlled by the Muslim brotherhood and is a proxy as an American. He is the most dangerous person ever to set foot in the white house.

I'm not sure he's stupid, but he does more stupid things than a typical teenage boy. I can't think of one smart thing he's done as president. He will go down as one of the least competent presidents in our history.

His only major legislative "accomplishment" has been a complete and utter disaster. He had to lie to get it passed, and the core of it may very well be ruled unconstitutional by June, 2015.

WTF with the allowing offshore drilling, attempt to force health insurance, stealing money from rich and middle class and give out to the poor who didn't earn that money and making CHANGE YOU BELIEVE IN -

Anyone who claims like one of the posters that anyone who doesn't like Obama must be racist is the reason why the word "racist" is meaningless now.

All he cares about is the non citizens of this country bankrupting this country killing America all together and everything that stands against America

If one American is killed by a Syrian ISIS member this man should be impeached immediately! He is America's No. 1 enemy.

Recent activities shows how dumb he really is

The only reason Obama is a bad President is because Cincinnati zoo now has one less Gorilla. - IronSabbathPriest

You cannot find dumber one - he cannot comprehend any economic or international policies.

He's a piece of crap. He ruined our country and took away the great coal of MY WEST VIRGINIA. He is so dumb he is an IDIOT

Lowest IQ of any president, completely destroyed this country and left it in a disaster. Thank God we had Trump to save it, but no one on the left comes close to understanding how much of a mess it was - invinciblemario99

"I been to 57 states, I believe I have one more to go "

He either does not know what he has done and is the dumbest president in history, or he knows what he has done and he is the most evil president in history. History will eventually out all of the obaminations deeds!

This retard needs to be assassinated, he has done nothing good and is a terrorist.