Top 10 Stupidest Video Games

Some people just don't know what good video games are anymore Super Mario Brothers and Donkey Kong evolutionized all games but these 10 games failed at making me and probably a lot of other people satisfied.

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1 World of Warcraft

Ever seen the episode of South park? That's how most people end up with this game. - username34

You no you're a nerd when. - Blakely97

Cruddy graphics and too overrated. Its also way too easy. The only people that play it are fat nerds.

It isn't true in my class one girl play it( she is the sexiest girl) - Aleksei

WoW sucks. (Grabs popcorn.)

2 Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing

This game is downright broken, it is literally unplayable. You would want to buy it simply because of how bad it is...

Hate it. Got it to see how bad it really was.

Bad AI, lots of glitches, can drive in void, no soundtrack and... YOU'RE WINNER!
WoW isn't bad game at all, but lots of pepole hate it, so its №1.
Big Rings is very bad game, stupid at all like YOU'RE WINNER! Its need be №1!

3 Superman 64

This is the worst game ever just watch a YouTube video of it then you will vote for this game trust me

It is about as much fun to look at Superman 64 as it is to actually play it, and generally, looking at it causes my eyeballs to bleed.

What this game is literally the worst game EVER

This game is awful and it belongs at Goodwill for 99 cents.

4 Minecraft

Minecraft is a good game. People just hate it because Fortnite makes players think that it is the only decent game when if you look at it its really Fortnite that is a bad game. Its cool, but because of Fortnite nobody knows how to play it anymore except the "original" players, and Minecraft is no fun until you actually learn to be good, and it takes literally no skill, just a tiny bit of practice.

The game is actually for people who like making creations for free. It's a sandbox game where you can make and do whatever you want, but yes, most people who play this game get really overly-addicted to it. - username34

It depends on how you do it. I rarely play it anymore, but when I did, in my spare time, I would make sculptures of video game characters.

I'm walking around hitting blocks! Yeah! What the heck, how is this fun?

5 Halo: Combat Evolved

It's not terrible, but it is very very very overrated. The graphics are terrible (compared to most other war games) and the gameplay is boring. Plus it is Xbox exclusive. - BKAllmighty

Give it a break, it was made before there was good graphics. - username34

Good game but very old graphics

You kill aliens with super soakers and lazers. - Blakely97

6 Call of Duty 3

Terrible, stupid game. All you do is shoot stuff. People who commented on WoW, stop hating on nerds!

Call of Duty: world at war is better. - username34

7 E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial

Worst. Game. Ever

This should be number one. This game is just plain suckish! The movie is way awesome... but the video game forget it!

This is terible its completely dumb ohno fell into the pit

There's a landfill full of this gaebage game

8 Runescape

It is an RPG that forces you to play for a really long time to achieve anything, as well as stupid short pointless quests that leave you wondering why you played the game in the first place

9 Mario Tennis

Here's the thing Nintendo Mario should only be Mario not a NASCAR driver or a party animal or a tennis player. We need another Mario sunshine or Mario 64. Not this Mario party 💩, which is designed to ruin friendships.

10 Mario's Fundamentals

The Contenders

11 102 Dalmatians: Puppies To The Rescue

No. When I was younger I was always playing this.
It was fun.

12 Chromehounds

How did anyone even give this game the time of day, it is so bad. - Blakely97

13 Sonic the Hedgehog

The One Who Put This Here Is Talking About Sonic 06. Just To Let You Know!

Sonic the hedgehog is not boring he's awesome

How is this last ( at time of writing )

Sonic is awesome

14 Halo Wars

I mean the entire series was stupid, but this game just makes every terrible game look genius. - Blakely97

Halo CE should not be on this list. Halo Wars is not a real Halo game and those saying Halo CE is stupidest are haters who probably never played the game.

15 Animal Soccer World
16 Army of Two

Third-person shooter games just suck, and this game defies it! - Blakely97

Its good while playing but once you complete it is boring

17 Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts


18 Bubsy 3D

Call the doctors. This squirrel is drunk and high at the same time!

Should be higher because the controls suck so bad.

Star Fox 1 & 2 had better graphics!

This game is worse than WoW.

19 Fortnite

Bring this all the way up to number 1.

Really stupid - Heggs



20 Halo 4
21 Clash of Clans

The stupidest game ever

No storyline


A boring game that is way too adictive for its level of gameplay.
it is only the best in a line of incredibly similar games - you play one, you play them all

22 Mighty No. 9
23 Halo 3: ODST
24 Battlefield: Bad Company

Bad company 2 was way better than this. - Balluba

This game is not good, it's a little overrated, the campain was horrible and online was pointless. - Blakely97

25 Undertale

I really wanted to play this game, so I looked up some images. I washed my eyes out with bleach, then went on my favorite video game to roleplay. Instead of cats, it was Undertale. Undertale everywhere.

This game is actually really good. It does get a little boring but it will always be legendary. It is a new kind of game, that nobody has ever seen before. It is unique in many ways and will always stay that way - Soulsword217

Anyone who votes for this needs to get their minds checked out, it's an amazingly funny rpg, and even though it looks like the main character looks like it's drawn by a 2-year old and makes my eyes hurt it's one of the best games that came out in 2015 - FullMetalTimelord

I hate it because so much people talk about it it is about an ugly girl that looks like Dora
Wanders and kills things

Main character: Dolla the explora

26 Roblox

I love this game but a random guy hacked my moms computer through this game so yeah

Controls and graphics suck. I'm done.

Roblox is epic trash

Roblox is super boring than Minecraft and fortnite

27 Flappy Bird
28 Uncraft Me
29 Custer's Revenge

Should be way higher :gags:

30 Crazy Bus
31 Five Nights at Freddy's

The images online... :shudders: I have never been more scared of anything. Except the Tails doll. Oh and fun is infinite sonic.

I really hate this game, I hate it because it is just about jump scares but there is so many parodies about them

It is horrible

This game is awesome

32 Dark Void

Scenes are too short at the beginning, the end credit song is stupid.

33 Muscle March
34 Pokémon Black/Blue

I hate this game. They actually have Pokemon black and Pokemon blue though...

It's made by PETA. Enough said. - RiverClanRocks

35 M&Ms Kart Racing

Its just commercial characters of chocolate put into Kart Racing.

Wii has been a really weird console. It seemed like almost anybody could make a game for it and that being said there are really crappy games on there that shouldn't be. The good stuff is what made it a great console - Soulsword217

36 The Last of Us

Hey my guy friend plays this

Whaaa? Who put this on here

37 Peeing Simulator

Are you kidding me? Why do we need a simulator for this?

Is this even real?!

38 Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2

Dude, that's messed up! You added Hercules and The Tinkler as characters throughout the storyline? No facking way!

39 Sonic's Schoolhouse

I'm pretty sure 90% of gamers hate educational games.

This is obviously one of those situations.

40 Dora the Explorer

Sucks like the Teletubbies so boring

41 Cho Aniki
42 Warioware

OH COME ON! I LOVE WarioWare Smooth Moves! >:(

43 Earthbound

Whoever put this on the list has no taste in video games. Did Danteem put this here?

Earthbound lead to Undertale

44 Megaman Sprite Game

Guys, this was literally designed to be the stupidest role-playing game ever made.

How is it not on the top ten?

More importantly, HOW and WHY is Undertale on the top ten, especially when this game isn't? - xandermartin98

45 Angry Birds

Addictive game but then turned into a stupid fad.

What is angry birds

Base of this revolutionary game is "fresh" idea about shooting something with parabola trajectory to desired point of game 2d map. It is just another "worms style" game. I hate this game because of wide crazy advertisment, like toys or graphics on any kind of objects (t-shirts, cups, planes, etc.). Stupid drawing style, not funny characters (red, yellow, blue birds or green pigs with ugly drawing style), boring infinite game "shoot, miss, shoot, miss, shoot, got it, next level, e tc. f or over 9000 lvls". There is nothing new and interesting in this game.

46 Ballz 3D
47 Cars 2
48 Nancy Drew: Labyrinth of Lies
49 Duke Nukem Forever

I tried this game for the PC. I totally agree with many game reviewing sites that this game was the worst of the Duke Nukem franchise!

50 Drake of the 99 Dragons
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