Top Ten Best Styles for Alternative People

Basically, if you are new to the world of being alternative, you don't know here to start, right? Emo, goth, scene or otaku? Who do YOU want to be? Multiple ones? Personally i am otaku, scene and emo, but you may be different! Add your styles or vote for it if it is already one here! x

The Top Ten

1 Scene Scene

Haha,no.Scene kids are degenerates.I'm glad that the style is dead - DarkBoi-X

I want to be scene. - mistyglow

Scene people may not be as well known as goths and emos but are just as cool, and that is why I have put them at number one. - cutiepiestarlight

2 Emo Emo

Emo sucks too. - DarkBoi-X

There was a time I really didn't like this look but it's actually ok now. - Britgirl

Cool. I love some black eyeliner so that is the reason I like this look so much - cutiepiestarlight

The hair, makeup, piercings, everything about emos is just cool in general. - cutiepiestarlight

3 Goth Goth

Goths are better than Scenes and Emos.

We have different styles in the Gothic Subculture.

Even though I am not one, goths are really cool and have a nice style. - cutiepiestarlight

4 Otaku Otaku

Nope - DarkBoi-X

Otakus... so much better than weeaboos - cutiepiestarlight

5 Comic-Book Geek Comic-Book Geek

Who doesn't like like-minded people who read all about iron man, deadpool and the joker? - cutiepiestarlight

6 Kawaii Kawaii

Kawaii is pretty damn fabulous, lets all respect that. - cutiepiestarlight

This style is pretty awesome

7 The Sarcastic One The Sarcastic One

Also me - DarkBoi-X

There is always one in the group! It is me in my group! Felt like I should involve them too! - cutiepiestarlight

8 The Joker The Joker

That's me. - DarkBoi-X

Nope, not the bad guy from batman who is also Harley Quinn's boyfriend, the funny class clown who is s cheeky in class, you can't help but laugh. - cutiepiestarlight

9 Rivethead

Man, they look so cool.

10 Steampunk

The Contenders

11 The Quiet Shy One Who is Secretly Dark The Quiet Shy One Who is Secretly Dark

Think your quiet friend is innocent? Think again. You don't know them as well as you think! - cutiepiestarlight

12 The Musical Genius The Musical Genius

that's me!

People who have listened to pretty much every song ever by every band. They are the people you like to talk to about your favourite rock bands (hollywood undead), favourite Japanese bands (babymetal) and your favourite just strange bands (steam powered giraffe). - cutiepiestarlight

13 The Prep
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