Sub-Genres That Should Not Be On The ''Top Ten Metal Sub-Genres'' List

Not picking Sub-Genres here just because i don't like them,but because they are just not real metal sub genres or just don't exist at all.

The Top Ten

Dubstep Metal

So glad this doesn't exist. It would kill the roots of metal. - Userguy44

Thank god this doesn't actually exist. - RogerMcBaloney

Technically this is called metalstep, although it lies more like EDM. Besides, some industrial metal bands have a little dubstep in their songs. - yungstirjoey666

Rap Metal

The list creator (HEAVYMETALTHUNDER12345) somehow got my comment explaining the difference between Rap Metal and Nu Metal removed because he didn't agree with it LMAO - Joeljohns249

Wow this nomination is like a war zone here - yungstirjoey666

*sigh* Yes, there's no rap metal... - Ananya

Technically there is already nu metal. While I do agree that some heavy rap bands are not nu, RATM and Limp Bizkit are more rap/hard rock, not metal. - yungstirjoey666

Stoner Metal

Wasn't this influenced by Black Sabbath? - Userguy44

But it really..somewhat evolved. - Ananya

Christian Metal

Lyrical theme - yungstirjoey666


Lol yeah
by the way, Great List! - Ananya

Hair Metal

Not really a genre (although for certain purposes I put this in my basic metal subgenres list). More like an umbrella term for 80s rock bands with flashy outfits. Most bands are more rock n roll type, although there are some that are truly metal. - yungstirjoey666

Crossover Thrash
Extreme Metal

I think grindcore should be in that list for technical reasons. I do agree that it's not pure metal though, as it derives a bit more from hardcore punk.

Then again, if we have to consider grindcore as a metal subgenre, then we should also consider all thrash, death, and black metal bands as subgenres as hardcore punk. - yungstirjoey666


Do you know of any power metal songs with djent style? Or it is possible at least? - yungstirjoey666

The Contenders

Gothic Metal

This one is debatable. Is it really a metal subgenre, or is it just a term used for any doom (usually death-doom), symphonic (especially Nightwish, Epica and WT), or industrial band (Rammstein, Deathstars) with a dark and emotional atmosphere? Even bands like Evanescence and Black Veil Brides are given this label (or at least goth rock), both of which are not really metal. I do know that this is used to describe "true" bands such as Paradise Lost and Type O Negative, so I can get how it can be a genre. But then again, this will start the entire "true vs poser" debate all over again. - yungstirjoey666

Death Metal

Nah, death metal is an actual metal genre

Because it's awful

Pirate Metal

Similar to viking metal - yungstirjoey666

Viking Metal

Any style of metal with Nordic themes (eg. black, folk, melo-death, power) can be considered "viking metal" - yungstirjoey666

Speed Metal
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