Sub-Genres That Should Not Be On The ''Top Ten Metal Sub-Genres'' List

Not picking Sub-Genres here just because i don't like them,but because they are just not real metal sub genres or just don't exist at all.

The Top Ten

1 Dubstep Metal

So glad this doesn't exist. It would kill the roots of metal. - Userguy44

Thank god this doesn't actually exist. - RogerMcBaloney

Technically this is called metalstep, although it lies more like EDM. Besides, some industrial metal bands have a little dubstep in their songs. - yungstirjoey666

2 Stoner Metal

Wasn't this influenced by Black Sabbath? - Userguy44

But it really..somewhat evolved. - Ananya

3 Rap Metal

The list creator (HEAVYMETALTHUNDER12345) somehow got my comment explaining the difference between Rap Metal and Nu Metal removed because he didn't agree with it LMAO - Joeljohns249

Wow this nomination is like a war zone here - yungstirjoey666

*sigh* Yes, there's no rap metal... - Ananya

Technically there is already nu metal. While I do agree that some heavy rap bands are not nu, RATM and Limp Bizkit are more rap/hard rock, not metal. - yungstirjoey666

4 Christian Metal

Lyrical theme - yungstirjoey666

5 Nintendocore

Lol yeah
by the way, Great List! - Ananya

6 Hair Metal

Not really a genre (although for certain purposes I put this in my basic metal subgenres list). More like an umbrella term for 80s rock bands with flashy outfits. Most bands are more rock n roll type, although there are some that are truly metal. - yungstirjoey666

7 Crossover Thrash
8 Extreme Metal
9 Grindcore

I think grindcore should be in that list for technical reasons. I do agree that it's not pure metal though, as it derives a bit more from hardcore punk.

Then again, if we have to consider grindcore as a metal subgenre, then we should also consider all thrash, death, and black metal bands as subgenres as hardcore punk. - yungstirjoey666

10 Djent

Do you know of any power metal songs with djent style? Or it is possible at least? - yungstirjoey666

The Contenders

11 Death Metal

Nah, death metal is an actual metal genre - yungstirjoey666

Because it's awful

12 Pirate Metal

Similar to viking metal - yungstirjoey666

13 Gothic Metal

This one is debatable. Is it really a metal subgenre, or is it just a term used for any doom (usually death-doom), symphonic (especially Nightwish, Epica and WT), or industrial band (Rammstein, Deathstars) with a dark and emotional atmosphere? Even bands like Evanescence and Black Veil Brides are given this label (or at least goth rock), both of which are not really metal. I do know that this is used to describe "true" bands such as Paradise Lost and Type O Negative, so I can get how it can be a genre. But then again, this will start the entire "true vs poser" debate all over again. - yungstirjoey666

14 Viking Metal

Any style of metal with Nordic themes (eg. black, folk, melo-death, power) can be considered "viking metal" - yungstirjoey666

15 Speed Metal
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