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1 Punk

Long live punk rock.

2 Greaser

A Wop Bop A Loo Bop Alop Bam Boom!


Listen to music baby’s

3 Skinhead

Boots and braces don't make a racist, but they do make a skinhead and well I'm proud to be one

4 Metalhead

Metalhead is and always will be the mightiest subculture.

Um... skinhead? Really? Anyways metalheads rule

Being a metalhead is AWESOME!

YAS the best!

5 Mod
6 Hipster

They have swag, style, and are very classy. (Plus they aren't known to be Jerks) - sdoggys

I love it how preppy didn't even make the list

It funny how nobody's commenting on these

7 Emo

Emo to the extremo

8 Teddy Boy
9 Goth

Other than what is already mentioned here about this: really underrated, not the most but still, despite being so famous.

Before Emo and they are NOT the same. Goths are more into the dark stuff, plus they got bands like Inkubus Sukkubus and The Cure.

Goth, originally is the name of a culture with its own language revolving around the Ostrogoth and Visigoth and Gothic, which is actually called Gutiska Razda, is a language I highly recomend, as well as Vandalic. For when it comes to the subculture? A true goth knows that if you ignore a problem then it can not be solved, sees beauty in the dark like a person with nyctophilia and like in any form of subculture knows that it is the inside that counts. Also! Here comes a part taken from Ligeia by Edgar Allan Poe: Over the upper portion of this huge window extended the trelliswork of an aged vine, which clambered up the massy walls of the turret. The ceiling, of gloomy-looking oak, was excessively lofty, valuted, and elaborately fretted with the wildest and most grotesque specimens of a semi-Gothic, semi-Druidical device.

10 Scene Kids

Ewww no. - DarkBoi-X

The Contenders

11 Furry Fandom

I hate the term "fandom" in this context. It's a subculture or a community, but not really a fandom. - Martin_Canine

12 Scenester
13 Cybergoth
14 Skater

This should be number 1.Skaters have the coolest clothes ever.I mean just look up skater or skater clothes and you will see what I'm talking about.Skating is also a cool thing to do.-LitSavage

15 Geek

Geeks. Love them. Am proud to be one. - PositronWildhawk

I have friends that are geeks, their pritty cool - sdoggys

16 Cyberpunk
17 Gopnik
18 Deathrocker

"The missing link between Punk and Goth


19 Otaku
20 Seapunk

A subculture that has recently been revived, to the great chagrin of everyone. These people simply take on the beach scenes we had as screensavers in the early 2000s and create a look based upon that type of aesthetic.

21 Grunger

Wouldn't it be just Grunge?

22 Rivethead
23 Industrialist
24 Bronies
25 Rockabillies
26 Trekkies
27 Gamer
28 Hip Hop
29 Steampunk
30 Juggalo
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1. Greaser
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