Top Ten Subspecies of Rhinoceroses

The Top Ten

1 The Northern White Rhinoceros

The White Rhinoceros is found mostly in South Africa, and is identified by its wide, flat upper lip. The norther white rhino is very endangered. Major efforts are underway to enable those in captivity to breed to save this subspecies from total extinction. - LightningBlade

Nice informative list. But on what basis did you order it?

On their present population and their physical features and abilities. - LightningBlade

2 The Indian Rhinoceros

This rhino is found in Nepal and North-Eastern India. Like the Javan rhino, these rhinos too have only one horn. The Indian Rhinoceros seems like its wearing a heavy armour because of its plated hide.This is caused by large folds in the skin, where the hide is thinner and more flexible, between broad plates of tougher hide. The skin is covered in warty bumps. Majority of these species live in the Kaziranga National Park in India. - LightningBlade

3 The South Central Black Rhinoceros

These rhinos are smaller than white rhinos. They have 2 horns. The frontal horn is bigger than the other. It displays varying shades of browns and greys as typical hide colours, is also known as the hooked-lipped rhino for its long upper lip. - LightningBlade

4 The Indonesian Javan Rhinoceros

They are found mostly in South Africa just like White rhinos. They have only one horn like the Indian Rhinocerous. It has a platted hide likewise. They have a prehistoric appearance and are critically endangered species of Rhinos. - LightningBlade

5 The Western Sumatran Rhinoceros

This is the smallest species of rhinos and it is the only species of it to have body hair. When the rhio gets older, it has lesser hair which makes the baby rhino look shaggy. The hair protects it in certain environmental conditions and has a reddish brown color. It has two horns.
By far, it is the most threatened species of rhinos. - LightningBlade

6 The Southern White Rhino

Like the Northern white rhino, they are found predominantly in South Africa. The Southern subspecies is far more prolific than the Northern. There are about sixteen thousand rhinos of this kind believed to be in existence. But still measures are being taken to preserve them. - LightningBlade

7 The South Western Black Rhinoceros

The next black rhino species also share the same features as the previous but they are more endangered. - LightningBlade

8 The Eastern Sumatran Rhinoceros

These sub species of the Sumatran rhinos are fewer in number. - LightningBlade

9 The East African Black Rhinoceros

These Rhinos found in the eastern part of Africa are all the more endangered and the fourth subspecies of black rhinos are believed to be extinct. - LightningBlade

10 The Northern Sumatran Rhinoceros

This sub species is almost believed to be extinct although a few are still said to live. - LightningBlade

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