Top Ten Most Succesful Empires

What empire do you think achieved the most successful existence? (P.S. try to ignore the misdeeds the empire's on this list had done. (My 1st list on this site)

The Top Ten

1 British Empire British Empire

The largest empire ever in terms of land area. The British had a stranglehold on the world's economy which only the most powerful nations could support themselves. They had 23% of the world's population by 1913 and owned 24% of the world's land area. Won both world wars. Leader of the Allies. - VisualWeevil

2 Roman/Byzantine Empire Roman/Byzantine Empire

Paved the way for other major empires. Longest lasting empire in history (27 B.C.E.-1453 C.E.) Brought many new inventions into the world. - VisualWeevil

3 Mongol Empire Mongol Empire

Was the largest land continuous empire in history. Brought gunpowder to Europe. Practiced freedom of religion even though it was mostly Islamic. Tried to have cities surrender instead of fighting. - VisualWeevil

4 French Empire French Empire

Started a wave of democracy with the french revolution. Owned much of Africa and had many wars with the British. Won both world wars. Leader of the Entente. - VisualWeevil

5 Ottoman Empire Ottoman Empire

Conquered most of the Middle East, North Africa, and the Balkans. Brought down the Roman Empire. Survived Crusades by Europe. - VisualWeevil

6 Spanish Empire Spanish Empire

Conquered most of the New World. 1st to circumnavigate around the world. 'Discovered' the America's (If you can say that). - VisualWeevil

7 Russian Empire Russian Empire

Was one of the biggest empires in history. Kicked the Mongols out of Europe. Defeated Napoleon. - VisualWeevil

8 German Empire German Empire

Officially declared in Paris, France. Managed to beat the older Austrian Empire. Leader of the Central Powers. - VisualWeevil

9 Portuguese Empire Portuguese Empire

Colonized a large part of South America. 1st to monopolize the spice trade. 1st European nation to make contact with Japan. Won WW1. - VisualWeevil

10 Austro-Hungarian Empire Austro-Hungarian Empire

Managed to hang on to itself despite how diverse the cultures were in it's land. Started WW1 (Though that is probably a bad thing). - VisualWeevil

The Contenders

11 Japanese Empire
12 Empire of Japan Empire of Japan
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