Top 10 Most Successful Game Consoles of All Time

The Top Ten

1 Nintendo Entertainment System

We know that this is on because it saved video games from the crash of gaming but this is a good reason why the NES is number 2 but it is not as good as the number 1 spot.

2 PlayStation 2

Of course the system did very well at its launch and delivering good games and being the longest running console ever.

3 Atari 2600

We know Atari crashed video games in 1983 with crap like E.T Pac Man and more but the system was original with original gameplay.

4 Super Nintendo Entertainment System

Yes they delivered amazing tittles like Mario Zelda Starfox and more the system did very well at its realease.

5 Xbox 360

Of course the Xbox 360 has to be on here because like the PlayStation 2 it is another long running system.

6 Nintendo 64

The N64 had a good games starfox 64 Mario kart 64 Super Mario 64 goldeneye 007 ocorina of time super smash bros and more sure superman 64 sucked but the system did well also.

7 Sega Genesis
8 GameCube

The system was okay not the best but okay the system did have good games Metroid prime resident evil 4 MGS the twin snakes animal crossing super smash bros melee the list goes on for amazing games.

9 PlayStation 4

The system was amazing as we see it now the graphics the music on menu the felt on the controller it was awesome.

10 Xbox

The Contenders

11 PlayStation
12 Xbox One

Look guys I know you don't like the system but I thought it was amazing delivering next gen graphics games such as Call of Duty Grand Theft Auto batman arkham the list goes on but on top of that the system also has a better kinect than the crappy 360 kinect.

Ha! that's a laugh shall we go back in 2013 were this thing failed miserably at E3.

13 Nintendo 3DS

Well the graphics are not bad

14 Sega Dreamcast
15 Nintendo Wii
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