Top Ten Suggestions to Improve TheTopTens

If you have any thoughts about ways to improve this site your input would be most welcome. As good as it is, it feels incomplete.
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1 Have an awards system for members who exceed in certain areas.

Or how about like a spotlight for the user or users achievement they have done for the past year would be a much greater suggestion kinda like oh the oscars in a way.

I do think this should I don't think #2 should happen and I think #1 should happen

I succeed at being unsuccessful. Give me the paradox award.

Or not exceed, like I could win least awards nominated.

2 Stop approving pointless lists.

"Best songs by ___ and ___, " "Best songs that have Crawl in the name, " "Best Linkin Park song with "The" in the title. " These lists are only created in an attempt to earn badges and serve no purpose, whatsoever.

Top Ten Users of TheTopTens starting with G in February 2019 who Make Pointless Lists.

Edit: I didn't think of any particular user.

Top ten best TheTopTens lists with the letter x in the title.

Best Linkin Park Song With "The" In the Title. Really... ?

3 Allow members who have shown to be on the side of the ethics of the site to help manage/moderate things.

This would help to speed up the process of cleaning up bad comments/suggestions and helping to make the site flow more smoothly.

You mean those who might have experience of comfort to others I see.

4 Remove/join two seperate lists that are for essentially the same thing.

Would it be crazy to mash both lists, and be able to have them both seen on the same screen? That seems impossible, but that might be asking for too complicated of a suggestion.

Yes. 'Worst Popular anime' & 'most overrated anime' are basically the same

I see too many lists that have more than one list for the same cause.

Yeah, like Top ten movies, best films, Greatest movies etc

5 A Chatroom

that would be pretty sweet :), because I LEFT thetoptens for awhile COS of A CHATROOM... google "Chatroom 24/7" and click on the first one, and make a nickname for yourself, and IF we are on at the same time, chat with me ;)

I don't like chatrooms. Everyone tries to do different conversations but they all get in the way of each other. It's very likely I'll never use it if it comes here.

I'd be a societal reject here too, yay! (Hides behind my Wings of Fire book and cries in the corner)

I wouldn't mind a chatroom and I don't know why one hasn't been added yet.

6 Create a TheTopTens app

As cool as this would be, it's not really necessary for a site like this.

TheTopTens takes up very minimal bandwidth, so internet problems are unlikely, and a different mobile operating system isn't required to bypass that.

On top of that, it makes more sense to focus all the energy into the site, improving the already established format and helping it attract more overall visitors, so it rises higher on the "Alexa most used websites" ranking.

With sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram all having mobile apps... is there a working for TTT's perhaps?

So you can get notifications when you get comments on your post or list!

I would download it in a heartbeat if it was announced.

7 A Forum

The forum was removed way before most users on the site joined because nobody would use it. If the forum still existed today, it would probably be used more because there are more users now and they would all like to use it a lot.

If I have to recall, a forum did exist back in the day, but was closed due to inactivity. If it was opened now, there would be tons of activity on there

Absolutely! Back in the day they used to have this, but was taken down by the time I did comeback in 2014.

I'm still waiting for this to be re-added.

8 Improve the search system.

For real, THIS. While the search bar is accurate 80-90% of the time, there are some cases of lists that are impossible to find, due to not having enough votes and the search bar not prioritizing them. In my opinion the search bar should prioritize "key words" above popularity and the other factors.

Case in point, the "Greatest EPs of All Time" list doesn't show up when you search it, and to find it you have to scroll through 99 pages of lists in the music section, due to minimal votes.

Additionally, searching up items for that list didn't help either, so maybe there could be added priority when you search for items, and showing the lists those items appear on via the search bar too.

Just a protip: You can put quotation marks of a word so that the search system gives you more specific results.

They also didn't have to take a search system if I wanted to look at all 3,000 of my lists.

How? This isn't very specific at all.

9 Random List button

Apparently they added this feature (not sure what date). If you go to "all lists" and pick a category, there's a button "Top" just on the right below the search bar, click on that and on the bottom section and click "random". Now, if you scroll to the very bottom of the page, you should see a refresh button that randomizes the lists again. I'm pretty sure most of you didn't know this, but yeah they should've made this feature easier to access.

I have now suggested this to Admin. They said there is not Immediate plans for this, but it could become a feature sometime in the future. Does anyone know if that's really going to happen?

I never thought of this, but it's actually an excellent idea. Then the lists nobody bothers to search for could be seen by people.

This could help give attention to Completely invisible lists... Like mine

10 Add More Things to the Profile Editor

Like make personal lists (My Top Ten Favorite...) or let you change it after register.

Favorite books, cars, website, drinks, etc.

Favorite books.

The Newcomers

? Add a comment section for info pages
? Add a sorting feature for the followers list and following lists
The Contenders
11 An option to remove lists

I don't think it's going to happen as the admins are pretty clear about the fact that no lists would be deleted. Also, we just have to accept that whatever we post, it's gonna stay on the internet forever

No. Don't let butthurt idiots give way to removing lists.

Yes. This needs to happen.


12 Let us delete our comments or edit them

This item isn't relevant anymore - when I joined in the end of 2014, this option was already available.

Looking back at my old comments, I'm sometimes tempted to give myself a thumbs down.

Nowadays, we already are able to do this.

All of these suggestions are good

13 Not to allow items to be voted for more than once by the same user.

This is a very bad idea on concept. It would severely limit the potential of users being able to vote items up the ranks, and would just turn this site even more into a "majority opinion" contest, where visitors just vote for their one favorite thing and leave.

Also, it wouldn't prevent those annoying spammers from ruining lists, because they'd just be able to repeatedly change their IP address and vote again anyways. - Angelicc

14 A TheTopTens Wikipedia Page

Imagine having biographies of users such as Alexandr, Positron, Evil Angel etc. A Historians guide for new gen users to pioneer, and inspire by there accolades of why they are that phenomenal, and what they led by style.

15 Be able to add comments on remixes

It would be cool if you could comment on someone's remix for discussion on if they disagree or not

Just like blog posts, be able to enable/disable comments.

Yep... which is why we need more users to make ''remixes great again! ''

16 Quicker approval time

Not only for lists but also for images. I often forget about my uploaded images because it takes almost 10 days to approve images.

It should take maybe a few hours to upload images not a week

Quicker activity time as well.

17 Have a side section to each vote for people to be able to argue why they disagree with said vote

It would be a section that could house as many comments as necessary but these comments would not be visible on the same page. I feel that it would allow people to be able to judge better why something is where it is placed. - wizardryuk

yeah some people just blindly vote and have no clue what they're talking about

Meaning a reply I'm taking it? - htoutlaws2012

18 Let users delete lists

You can already do that.

19 Allow users to express their opinions about users they don't like

I makes me sad that the dislike buttons where removed. Admin should get rid of his policy rn.

20 Remove underage children from sexual lists

I've tried multiple times to have a 15 year old girl named JoJo Siwa removed from "best butts" and "celebrities you want to see naked" lists. Unsurprisingly, this site does nothing.

This definitely needs to happen it is really sad these keep getting added.

21 When making a list that has already been made, the maker can be informed before submitting the list if the list already exists if it doesn't show on the 'has your list been submitted' box

Well as long as they go to the person, and have a mutual agreement no harm no foul. - htoutlaws2012

22 Take votes that can be categorized together and join them with the accumulative votes.

I sometimes see in a list that the same thing can be mentioned more than once and if they were combined, they would probably be higher in the list. Maybe even no. 1. - wizardryuk

You mean what the standard use to be when you're vote would count, and something would actually move up. - htoutlaws2012

23 Add a vote down button

This item is so outdated. If I correctly remember, the vote down button was already available in 2014 when I joined. But maybe it existed before that.

Devote can be both a good and a bad thing depending on the maturity level of both the community, and the visitor.

I could see this being an issue

Why was this removed again?

24 Add a way to search/organize our personal lists.

Whether that alphabetically then as well... a way of learning the alphabet in a complicated way.

That would be great.

25 Have a section for all things anime

A section for me to avoid.

Ugh... that's almost unavoidable actually.

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