Top Ten Suggestions to Improve TheTopTens

If you have any thoughts about ways to improve this site your input would be most welcome. As good as it is, it feels incomplete.

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1 Have an awards system for members who exceed in certain areas.

I do think this should I don't think #2 should happen and I think #1 should happen - toy

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2 Remove/join two seperate lists that are for essentially the same thing.

I see too many lists that have more than one list for the same cause. - wizardryuk

Yeah, like Top ten movies, best films, Greatest movies etc - SoldierOfFortune

yeah, there are many lists essentially the same thing - MatrixGuy

3 Allow members who have shown to be on the side of the ethics of the site to help manage/moderate things.

This would help to speed up the process of cleaning up bad comments/suggestions and helping to make the site flow more smoothly. - wizardryuk

4 Stop approving pointless lists.

"Best songs by ___ and ___, " "Best songs that have Crawl in the name, " "Best Linkin Park song with "The" in the title. " These lists are only created in an attempt to earn badges and serve no purpose, whatsoever. - djh101

Best Linkin Park Song With "The" In the Title. Really... ? - djh101

5 A Forum

The forum was removed way before most users on the site joined because nobody would use it. If the forum still existed today, it would probably be used more because there are more users now and they would all like to use it a lot.

Then I could make a Cilan fan thread! - RiverClanRocks

What's a forum? - BlueTopazIceVanilla

I Agree with this as this will help us to communicate with each other with ease and I think there should be a moderation system because sometimes when admin will be offline then a moderator can help him approve lists so that the admins's work will be easy. - kormo

6 Improve the search system.

How? This isn't very specific at all. - gemcloben

This was improved recently. - zxm

This needs to be improved asap and is my #1 as of Sept 2017. Sometimes I enter the accurate and entire titles of my own lists and they don't show. Also, very often I work a lot on a list and submit it just to learn it was a duplicate. But I didn't see the original list existed because it didn't show on the 'has your list been submitted' box.
Example - results for keywords "AC/DC songs" (as of Sept 9, 2017):
1. Best Songs On AC/DCs For Those About To Rock (We Salute You)
2. Best Songs from Meek Mill's DC4
3. Top Ten Best Yolanda Be Cool & DCUP Songs
4. Best Songs of All Time
5. Most Romantic Hindi Songs
6. Most Emotional Bollywood Songs - Metal_Treasure

7 Not to allow items to be voted for more than once by the same user.

This could be good. If you really love or hate a certain item, just put it at number 1 in your remix. Don't just keep voting for it every single day. - sketchysteve

8 Let us delete our comments or edit them

Looking back at my old comments, I'm sometimes tempted to give myself a thumbs down. - djh101

We can already do this. - cosmo

This item isn't relevant anymore - when I joined in the end of 2014, this option was already available. - Metal_Treasure

Nowadays, we already are able to do this. - EpicJake

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9 Take votes that can be categorized together and join them with the accumulative votes.

I sometimes see in a list that the same thing can be mentioned more than once and if they were combined, they would probably be higher in the list. Maybe even no. 1. - wizardryuk

10 Let us delete personal lists

I have a remix for Best Songs From Linkin Park's A Thousand Suns that I never created and, because I don't like any songs on that album, it would be nice if I could delete the list. - djh101

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11 Have a side section to each vote for people to be able to argue why they disagree with said vote

It would be a section that could house as many comments as necessary but these comments would not be visible on the same page. I feel that it would allow people to be able to judge better why something is where it is placed. - wizardryuk

yeah some people just blindly vote and have no clue what they're talking about

12 Show how many people have voted in total for each list.

I think that this would give a better idea to users as to how accurate the list may be. Maybe some sort of system can be devised to give an accuracy rating percentage for each list instead based on such things? - wizardryuk

We do this anyway. I like this feature as it indicates the reliability of a list, - gemcloben

It could be like YouTube, showing how many views of the video, only this time it is showing how many votes are on a list. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

13 Have a section for all things anime
14 When making a list that has already been made, the maker can be informed before submitting the list if the list already exists if it doesn't show on the 'has your list been submitted' box
15 A TheTopTens Wikipedia Page
16 Add a way to search/organize our personal lists.
17 A Chatroom

that would be pretty sweet :), because I LEFT thetoptens for awhile COS of A CHATROOM... google "Chatroom 24/7" and click on the first one, and make a nickname for yourself, and IF we are on at the same time, chat with me ;) - alexanderalbert

A chatroom would be so fun. This should be added to the top tens. - cosmo

I would hate this. It just wouldn't work. - gemcloben

Yes please! I'd love to talk to more than 1 user at once! - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

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18 Quicker approval time

Not only for lists but also for images. I often forget about my uploaded images because it takes almost 10 days to approve images. - zxm

19 Random List button
20 Place the "Search List" option at the top of the page

I added this item because currently the "Search List" option is at the bottom of the page. It would work much better at the top.
1) When we add items to long lists (often our own lists) we have to go through the "Search List" Option in order to add every item. With the "Search List" Option at the bottom it's very annoying - too much unnecessary scrolling.
2) When we vote on a long list we have to scroll down again to find the item we wanna vote for via the "Search List" option. Maybe I don't wanna see all 20 items on the 1st page because I wanna vote for an item that's at #223 and I will find it by using the "Search List" option. But again, the "Search List" option should be at the top of the page to avoid the unnecessary scrolling. - Metal_Treasure

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1. A TheTopTens Wikipedia Page
2. A Forum
3. Have an awards system for members who exceed in certain areas.
1. Remove/join two seperate lists that are for essentially the same thing.
2. Stop approving pointless lists.
3. A Forum
1. When making a list that has already been made, the maker can be informed before submitting the list if the list already exists if it doesn't show on the 'has your list been submitted' box
2. Spell Check
3. Remove lists that can cause hate

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