Best Suicide Silence Albums


The Top Ten

1 The Cleansing

The breakthrough album. The debut album. Heavy and fast, features Unanswered and No Pity For A Coward. - SOULFLY-SAM0101

2 The Black Crown

I love their older albums but with this one it seemed like they where moving upward with the guest vocalists so many catchy songs in this one. It's so sad Mitch isn't here anymore.

Mitch is daddy

The most diverse album yet. It's almost nu-metal-ish. Features the massive You Only Live Once. The last album with Mitch Lucker on vocals. RIP brother. - SOULFLY-SAM0101

3 No Time to Bleed

The second album by the band. Features the amazing Wake Up and Disengage singles. - SOULFLY-SAM0101

I like the track smoke a lot! But I feel their best album is the black crown.

Amazing songs featured in this album.

4 Ending Is the Beginning

A tribute to the amazing Mitch Lucker. Some great songs are played here. Even Robb Flynn, Max Cavalera and Randy Blythe are there. - SOULFLY-SAM0101

5 Suicide Silence 2004 (Demo EP)

Amazing. Has the Family Guy clips all over it. - SOULFLY-SAM0101

6 Suicide Silence 2006 (Demo EP)

This EP has some pre-production material from the debut The Cleansing. - SOULFLY-SAM0101

7 Suicide Silence EP

Re-Released in 2006 exactly a year after the original pressing. The EP helped the band reach out to the UK. - SOULFLY-SAM0101

8 Suicide Silence 2003 (Demo EP)

The first demo with Mitch Lucker. - SOULFLY-SAM0101

9 You Can't Stop Me
10 Suicide Silence 2002 (Demo EP)

This includes the only recordings done with original vocalist Tanner Womack. - SOULFLY-SAM0101

The Contenders

11 Suicide Silence

This one sucks! - Mikbiter15

This is the best album of their discography, definitely Doris is the best track of their entire carreer. If u don't think that yo mama is fat.

Worst album EVER!

12 Suicide Silence: Hot Sessions

Includes some awesome songs done live in 2009. - SOULFLY-SAM0101

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