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21 Hurt - Nine Inch Nails Hurt - Nine Inch Nails
22 Adam's Song - Blink 182 Adam's Song - Blink 182

Well, it's supposedly about coming home after a long tour, but just look at those lyrics! - lavashooter

23 When I'm Gone - Eminem When I'm Gone - Eminem
24 Jumper - Third Eye Blind Jumper - Third Eye Blind
25 I Hate Myself and I Want to Die - Nirvana I Hate Myself and I Want to Die - Nirvana
26 I Want to Die - Mortal Love I Want to Die - Mortal Love
27 So Many Tears - 2pac So Many Tears - 2pac
28 Self Destruction, Pt. 2 - Nine Inch Nails Self Destruction, Pt. 2 - Nine Inch Nails
29 Michael X - Casper Michael X - Casper

This is one of the few songs that is not as much about the person who commited suicide, as it is about how his friends deal with it.
We actually know little about this guy, or why he killed himself. What we know is that he was in a self-proclsimed gang, that are more like bohemians, that tried to become rebellious rock and rap artists but failed to gather any fame or success. They wanted to be legends (Casper compares them to Kurt Cobain, Bon Scott, 2Pac and Jim Morrisson in the first verse - bit of a foreshadowing as we know nothing about the suicide until the chorus. After he killed himself, the clique parted ways with each heading into different directions. No one really made the big career they were aiming for. According to Casper, this song is somehow rooted in reality.
Ironically, it was the album where "Michael X" is on that brought Casper to huge national fame, basically he reached everything that he said didn't work out in the song. - Martin_Canine

30 Grenade - Bruno Mars Grenade - Bruno Mars
31 Suicide Machine - Death Suicide Machine - Death
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