Suicune is a legendary Pokemon that’s a pure water type that first appeared in Pokemon gold and silver, and was the cover legendary for crystal. Ho oh revived this Pokemon (along with entei & raikou) when it died when it’s home, the burned tower got destroyed by a fire that was started by a lightning striking it. It was ho oh’s favorite out of the three legendary beast. He had a huge fan, eusine that constantly seeked it, but always ran away from him. This Pokemon along with entei & raikou were the first roaming legendaries to be introduced, meaning they ran away when their turn came & appear in a random spot where you can find wild Pokemon. He is known as the northern wind & is said to be able to purify water.

It also appeared in the movie ‘Pokemon, 4ever,’ & assisted ash & friends when needed & puritfied the water for them.

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