My Sister's Keeper

This episode is so funny because

  1. Woody ask cody to helping her sister (Willa) when she arrives, cody didn't believe that he let himself for that. The twins (Zack and Cody) think Woody Sisiter's is gonna be hideous, but when Willa come the twins gasps and Zack introducing himself first, but Cody immediately introducing himself too.

  2. London want to have a twin then she make an audition for that, but when she already have it her sister is totally different with her and her twin have a crush on Zack. London so angry with her new twin because she was hid on her friend, stole her jewelry, and being nice to people.

  3. Bailey didn't believe that Cody is realy love Willa and she doesn't believe that Woody sister is so Gorgeous, she was so upset because the truth is she still in love with her ex boyfriend.

  4. Cody have a date with Willa and when they start talking the truth is Willa behavior is realy same with Woody, so Cody not in love anymore with Willa and he said to Willa that he still in love with his ex girlfriend.

  5. Zack doesn't believe that London have a twin and London's sister is in love with him


Its really funny, I hope that Suite Life is make they new series - visitor