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21 Twister

The episode iconic due to the fact that Cody and Bailey get back together! We get to keet Bailey's parents and see her hometown! Also, we finally meet London's dad

22 Splash and Trash
23 The Play's the Thing

This episode was my favorite I like the part when Cody dressed up like a girl because Bailey quit and had to shake his Bon boys. I laughed the whole time

24 So You Think You Can Date

Arwin is back..need I say more?

25 Rock the Kasbah

This episode is hilarious! A genie comes to grant their wishes and they learn how to haggle

This episode is very funny! especially the part where zack has to eat all that disgusting food...this episode should be number 1

26 Senior Ditch Day

This episode was HILARIOUS and so funny!

27 Silent Treatment

My favorite episode to be honest, especially when Zack says, "I need to get out of 'Dude Island' " haha. Also, Bailey to goes to Ms T for getting over her breakup and London comes along with her

28 A London Carol

It was funny, fun to watch, talking mirror past present future , It was full of Christmas spirit and best of all...full of London!

This episode show the best acting of London!

So funny to see London's talking mirror back!

29 I Brake for Whales
30 Health and Fitness
31 Das Boots
32 Goin' Bananas

The fear of bananas is so funny that I laughed this whole episode. And there are good touching moments and lessons between Zack and Cody, Woody and Addison. Also, London's hidden talent for calligraphy is amazing.

33 Starship Tipton
34 The Spy Who Shoved Me
35 Prom Night

It's so hilarious especialy the part where London was like talking really wierdly then stapled Mr mosbey tie to the board. Then everyone inside hurry over turn everything and Mr mosbey came When everyone was sitting down looking so good

36 Frozen

So funny love snowmobile bit

37 Party On!

Episode where is guest star Sean Kingston!

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