Best Suits in Marvel's Spider-Man (PS4)

A ranking of the best suits in the PS4 Spider-Man game (including DLC)

The Top Ten

1 The Raimi Suit
2 Classic Suit
3 Future Foundation Suit
4 Scarlet Spider Suit
5 Stealth "Big Time" Suit
6 Negative Suit Negative Suit
7 Advanced Suit Advanced Suit
8 Spider Armor - MKIII Suit Spider Armor - MKIII Suit
9 Dark Suit Dark Suit
10 Stark Suit Stark Suit

The Contenders

11 Stealth Suit (Night Monkey Suit) Stealth Suit (Night Monkey Suit)
12 Spider-Punk Suit Spider-Punk Suit
13 Wrestler Suit Wrestler Suit
14 Iron Spider Suit Iron Spider Suit
15 Spider-UK Spider-UK
16 Velocity Suit Velocity Suit
17 Noir Suit Noir Suit
18 Homemade Suit Homemade Suit
19 Last Stand Suit Last Stand Suit
20 Ghost Spider Ghost Spider
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