Suits that Need to Be in the Next Spider-Man Game

A selection of suits we would like to seen in Insomniac's next Spider-Man game.

The Top Ten

1 Symbiote Suit Symbiote Suit
2 Ben Reilly Spider-Man Suit Ben Reilly Spider-Man Suit
3 Superior Spider-Man Suit Superior Spider-Man Suit
4 Arachknight Suit Arachknight Suit
5 Spider-Carnage Suit Spider-Carnage Suit
6 Captain Universe Suit Captain Universe Suit
7 Miles Morales Suit Miles Morales Suit
8 Spider-Man 1602 Suit Spider-Man 1602 Suit
9 Spider-Phoenix Suit Spider-Phoenix Suit
10 Bullet Points Suit Bullet Points Suit

The Contenders

11 Spider-Man 2211 Spider-Man 2211
12 Earth X Costume Earth X Costume
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