Top 10 Summer Expectations vs. Reality

Have you ever thought what it's really like in summer? Maybe, it's time you know & I leave you with this. Do the things you expected to do in summer & it will become a reality.

The Top Ten

1 Going outside / staying inside

That's an awesome thing to do in the summer, but guess what you're doing? Sitting at home & not enjoying the summer sun, hot sand, beautiful water & clear blue sky. I know how fun the beach is.

That's an expectation, but instead people are staying indoors.

2 Hanging with friends / hanging by yourself
3 Being with your family / being alone

It's nice to be with your family, yet people aren't even interacting with their family. Come on! Do something with your mother, father, brother, cousin, aunt, or any other person you have in your family.

4 Reading / not reading

Yeah! A lot of us don't read in the summer. Maybe, it's because we're thinking "Reading books is only when you're in School."

5 Traveling / staying at home

Plan to go travel somewhere you've never been before? No? Well then, you're a lazy person that prefers to stay at home by themselves & not discovering new places. I like to travel. I went to Destin, Florida & it was amazing. I remember the first time I went to Las Vegas & it was wonderful. Why are you staying home all summer? You don't know what you're missing.

My family is so boring. They prefer to stay home during the summer instead of going on vacation. I, however, love to go on vacations. I don’t do it often due to my boring family :(

6 Getting a summer job / remaining unemployed

"Nah! I'll pass." said you.

7 Getting a sun tan / hiding from the sun

You want to get a sun tan, yet you don't like laying in the sun.

8 Exercising / remaining sedentary

My mom does that in the morning. Every morning in the summer, she goes to the gym. Especially when it's not the summer. Why aren't we all exercising? My mom is exercising all summer. Lucky bitch! I'm probably going to look fat when I go back to School. Students & teachers will be saying "Hey, look! He doesn't work out." I have to work out now!

9 It never rains in the summer. / It rains in the summer.

In 2015 I went to Vegas for my summer vacation. I thought "It's Vegas, it's in a desert, it never rains there" then on day 2 a pop up thunderstorm occurred.

Did you know it rains in the summer? If you thought that there's no rain in the summer, you were wrong. Next time it rains in the summer, you can go outside & cool off if you feel hot. However, it probably isn't a good idea.

10 Summer romance / being alone

No? Well, fine! At least give it a try.

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