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1 Iron Man 3
2 Star Trek Into Darkness

What can I say other than that this movie was utterly stunning! I went to see this movie three times in the cinema and the more times I see it the more I like it. It deserves to be higher on the list.

Bennadict Cumberbatch is amazing as Khan. Also Kirk dying instead of Spock was a shocker! Did not see that coming! - PegasisterWhovian

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3 Pacific Rim

It was awesome! It was breath taking every single minute. The 3D part... Don't ask super fantastic! If you didn't watch, and said to your self:"ne I can watch it online next week" you did the biggest mistake of YOUR LIFE! K I don't think I will evene, ever forget it- the smoke is still fling in front of my eyes!

Pacific Rim definitely deserves to be at number 2. The ideas incorporated in the movie are unbelievable, yet totally logical, such as the neural bridges. Catch this movie in th etheater before it goes away!

Quite simply the BEST movie of the summer of 2013, if not the best movie of the year, Pacific Rim will surely become a sci-fi geek (fanboy) classic, a must see in 3D.DO NOT LET THIS MOVIE SLIP PASS YOU, especially if your a fan of giant mecha anime and giant monster (kaiju) movies, trust me your dreams have just came true.

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4 Man of Steel

Why's Man of Steel bottom on the list? It deserves to be higher, plus it's the best Superman movie ever.

Epic is just one of the words to describe this awesome movie.

How is this way down at 10? Come on

How was Iron Man 3 better than Man of Steel? - Eclectic

5 The Lone Ranger

An epic and fun action/adventure movie. Super entertaining yet hugely underrated. Terrific set-pieces and great soundtrack. Depp and Hammer worked really well together. The horse Silver was awesome in this movie. Exciting from start to finish. Love it!

My favorite parts were when the horse is just acting super weird, like standing on the top of the house. This movie is definitely in my top 20 list

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6 This Is the End

Best line up ever. Franco, hill, Robinson, Rogen and McBride. Jonah hill was adorable to me. Too bad he died though. Best ending ever

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7 Despicable Me 2


This film should at least get an no.5):5th most...

I haven't seen it but I heard it's really great

It was really fuuny! Me and my family want to see it again!

8 The World's End

A hillarious conclusion to Edgar Wright's blood and ice cream trilogy, The World's End is definitely the comedy movie of the year so far.

Pegg, Frost, Considine, Freeman, Marsan and Pike. That's one hell of a combo.

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9 Fast & Furious 6

This should on top

Great movie I love it! - Zachart

10 World War Z

Full of action. Can't wait for the sequel, but I hope the sequel stays true to the novels.

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11 Monsters University

So awesome! Love the flash backs of Mike Wazowski!

Ew yuck, screw that. This is so great ngl, needs to be better though by being like me, sexy as poo yeah?

12 Now You See Me

Great movie! Great story!
You have to watch this!

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13 Elysium
14 The Heat

This movie is awesome

I love the part where they do cheers and the glass breaks - thismariahisawesome

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15 The Conjuring
16 The Wolverine

The best and most satisfying.

17 Grown Ups 2

I could not stop laughing the entire movie. It was pretty hilarious. - Lissie19999

18 Teen Beach Movie

Teen beach movie is noT in a BEST list. Its so corny - Ipositive

19 One Direction: This is Us
20 The Great Gatsby

An amazing love story and more... I can't stand anymore super heroes and action movies... The great gatsby saved us...

Thanks God! There are still romantic movies!

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