Top Ten Super Bowl Performences by a QB


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1 Steve Young XXlX (49ers)

6 TDs and No Picks. Thats why he's number One. He beat the chargers - ZachW97

2 Joe Montana XXlV (49ers) Joe Montana XXlV (49ers) Joseph Clifford "Joe" Montana, Jr., nicknamed Joe Cool and The Comeback Kid, is a retired American football quarterback.

Biggest Blowout in SB history and had 5 Tds against the Denver Broncos with a score of 55 to 10 - ZachW97

3 Phil Simms XXl (Giants)

He Completed 88 percent of his passes and threw 3 touchdowns beating the Denver Broncos - ZachW97

4 Kurt Warner XXXlV (Rams) Kurt Warner XXXlV (Rams) Kurtis Eugene "Kurt" Warner is a former American football quarterback, a current part-time TV football analyst, and a philanthropist.

Most Passing yards in the superbowl with 414 yards while beating the Tennesee Titans - ZachW97

5 Doug Williams XXll (Redskins) Doug Williams XXll (Redskins) Douglas Lee "Doug" Williams is a former American football quarterback and former head coach of the Grambling State Tigers football team.

Doug got the Redskins out of a 10 to zero hole with 5 TD passes to make the score 42 to 10 against the Denver Broncos - ZachW97

6 Troy Aikman XXVll (Cowboys)

What a Landslide against the buffalo Bills. 52-17 - ZachW97

7 Terry Bradshaw Xlll (Steelers) Terry Bradshaw Xlll (Steelers)

Barely beating the cowboys with some deep passes to Lynn Swan - ZachW97

8 Tom Brady XXXVlll (Patriots)

Ties with Drew Brees with most completions in the SB while also beating the Panthers 32 to 29 - ZachW97

9 Donavan McNabb XXXlX (Eagles)

The only QB on this list who lost the SB. He lost to the patriots though. - ZachW97

10 Joe Namath lll (Jets) Joe Namath lll (Jets) Joseph William Namath, nicknamed "Broadway Joe", is a former American football quarterback and actor.

An upset to the Baltimore Colts - ZachW97

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1. Joe Montana XXlV (49ers)
2. Steve Young XXlX (49ers)
3. Phil Simms XXl (Giants)



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