Top Ten Super Cars Built In Europe


The Top Ten

1 Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder

Hai my name is G. J sudhish raj. Lamborghini should be given 1st position. I like lamborghini beacause it looks very beautiful.

2 Porsche 911 GT3

Sorry but this list is wrong. The 911 is by far the best supercar. If you don't think so its because you haven't driven one. After 40 years of production I think they know what there doing. Plus top gear uk which is totally bias toward british cars nlsaid it has the best chassis of any supercar. Just stating the facts

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3 Ferrari Enzo
4 Aston Martin DBS

This car is just what an Aston should be. Power, beauty,soul.

The best of them all!


My fav car. awesome car, much better than all Porshces! - 192837

5 Ferrari F430
6 Aston Martin DB9
7 Caterham R500

Maybe it's underpowered, but it handles like an absolute dream. - CubeRG

8 Ferrari F430 spyder
9 Ariel Atom
10 Ferrari Maranello

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11 Bugatti Veyron
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