Super Cat Bros Characters


The Top Ten

1 Alex the Cat

He is first cat you unlock! He abused rodents - TopLucas

2 Giant Fish

He is this big, fat, stupid catfish who tries to kill sharks! - TopLucas

3 Kuro (Miner Cat)

A cat with a hat!? This is so ridiculous!? - TopLucas

4 Brutus (Super Cat Tales!)

Brutus is basically a fat, stupid cat who eats too much fish! You should accept that! - TopLucas

5 Amy (Super Cat Bros)

She is a stupid calico cat who can go through tight spaces!
She is so annoying - TopLucas

6 Shinji (Cat)

He is this stupid blue cat who can drown according to sea level! - TopLucas

7 Skull Miner

A skull with a hat?! That is stupid! - TopLucas

8 Olli (Super Cat Bros!)

A cat with a cape!? This is ridiculous! - TopLucas

9 Woods Beetle

A giant beetle with a spike!? - TopLucas

10 Acorn People

Basically an invasive species, according to National Geographic - TopLucas

The Contenders

11 Panda
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