Best Super Dangan Ronpa 2 Characters

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1 Ibuki Mioda

How... do you not... like... Ibuki?

I'll C U Next Tuesday!

I-B-U-K-I M-I-O-D-A! What's that spell?!

2 Nagito Komaeda Nagito Komaeda

He has a really interesting belief and he stands by it. He may not be doing it the best way, but you gotta admit he has a point; that the bigger the despair the bigger the hope that would come out of it. He's also very intellegent and considerate, like when he stayed with Hinata at the beginning of the game and he helped him through the trials. He actually cared a lot for other people too. He just distanced himself because he didn't want them to be affected by his luck. He's just an overall nice guy! If it wasn't because of his luck cycle wrecking his life, he wouldn't be this obsessed with hope. He's only like that because *hope* is literally the only thing that he could believe on, despite his unavoidable luck cycle. God, he simply wanted an ordinary life without his luck talent.

I love nagito. He is my everything. I love everything about him. He is very smart and really crazy. That's why I love him and its not even the only reason

Even though he is pretty crazy, his illnesses can explain that, and during the game I thought he was a very interesting character!

The 5th trial made me love him - kempokid

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3 Tanaka Gundam

Still crying over his exe

Gundham is a precious, little thing we must protect at all costs!

He's so pure?

4 Chiaki Nanami Chiaki Nanami

I cried when she died in the anime. I cried. Not so much in the game though

Chiaki is my favorite anime character when she died I was so upset

She's so sweet! How could anyone not love her?

How can you not like Chiaki the best though, what's wrong with y'all.

5 Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu

Okay but he was the best since the beginning

Baby face + Foulmouthed + Badass - Regggaaaaa

6 Kazuichi Souda

His face-expressions are one of a kind!

"I'm just a, I'm not just a pest, I'm a total filthy PIG..."


7 Hinata Hajime

He's so cute (in my opinion) - Sassy13crown

I love everything about him!

8 Mikan Tsumiki

I really feel sorry for her mostly, she is one of my favorite characters.

She is just so nice and softspoken to a fault, I personally would've loved to seen more character development and possibly be at the end of the game.

shes qt

9 Pekoyama Peko

I loved Peko and I wished she survived

I wish she didn't died and live happily with kuzuryuu *slapped* - Sassy13crown

She was great, but that brat of Kuzuryuu ruined her.

10 Hanamura Teruteru

Make him lower. - Sassy13crown

Suck the poisons out of my tenderloins

This guy was the one character I truly hated, he wasn't funny, had very little character, and his perverted nature came off as disgusting rather than funny like Kazuichi - kempokid

Rest in peace Teruteru Hanamura, best Super Dangan Ronpa 2 character. He should switch places with Nagito asap! - SelfDestruct

The Contenders

11 Nekomaru Nidai
12 Sonia Nevermind

It's just nice to see a...nice character. Not edgy, not dark, just kind and down to earth. She has a lot of funny moments, but it's sweet to see how she treats the people she cares about (Gundham being the prime example), and she makes a genuine effort to try and make friends. She's got some hidden depths (her serial killer obsession, putting on a brave face for others, being implied to be sexually experienced, being able to drive a tank), but they don't overwhelm the rest of her personality.

I love Sonia! She's so nice and kind! If only...

"If you got penetrated by something so big and thick, you would die instantly! "
Gosh, I love Sonia.

13 Usami

She's so underrated... Damn, why do we have to act like a total jerk to her in the game? - Tuana123

14 Byakuya Togami Byakuya Togami

You mean, Fatogami? - Sassy13crown

15 Mahiru Koizumi
16 Hiyoko Saionji
17 Akane Owari
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1. Nagito Komaeda
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1. Chiaki Nanami
2. Nagito Komaeda
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1. Kazuichi Souda
2. Tanaka Gundam
3. Chiaki Nanami

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