Top 10 Super Mario 3D World Music

The Top Ten

1 World 6

This track is just so upbeat. I love is so much! - Solacress

This is amazing - Btd

2 Champion's Road

Really good. Not sure why I prefer this over Gusty Garden Galaxy but I do - Btd

The only reason I didn't pit it at number 1 is just because it's a remix of Gusty Garden Galaxy's track from Super Mario Galaxy.

You can actually hear this track in-game before you unlock world crown. It's in one of the levels in world star. (and its remix in world fire flower) - Solacress

3 World Star

This song just fills me with so much nostalgia. It makes me think of Super Mario Galaxy, One of the greatest Mario game ever made (well, this is the world which you unlock Rosalina in). - Solacress

4 Puffprod Peaks/Footlight Lane

This one makes me want to revisit Mario Galaxy 1 & 2. Absolutely beautiful - Btd

Another song that makes me think of Super Mario Galaxy, mainly Cosmic Cove Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy 2 (sorry, I used to think I wasn't affected by nostalgia, but I guess I was wrong). - Solacress

5 Fort Fire Bros

The best lava theme in the game. If you think otherwise, I will come to your house and steal all your toothpaste (Just kidding). - Solacress

One of my favorite lava level themes - Btd

6 The Great Tower Showdown 2

The Final Battle! (If you can really call it that) And it's a good song too! Main Mario games have a bad habit of making final battle themes average, but this one is actually very good. - Solacress

7 Double Cherry Pass

The first time I played Clear Pipe Cruise (specifically the pipe after the checkpoint flag), I felt sparks with this game as a whole. - Btd

A great overworld theme that's upbeat and fits well. - Solacress

8 The Bullet Bill Express

Just another song that reminds me of Super Mario Galaxy. - Solacress

9 Simmering Lava Lake

Superior to Melty Monster Galaxy in my opinion, and best song in game - darthvadern

An intense song that fits perfectly. Definitely inferior to Melty Monster Galaxy (Here I go again) from Super Mario Galaxy 2, but it's still great. - Solacress

10 Sunshine Seaside

Read my Double Cherry Pass comment but replace Clear Pipe Cruise with Pipeline Lagoon. Both of these stages made this my favorite game of all time. My favorite section is the the sunken ship scene right before the checkpoint flag. - Btd

A relaxing water theme that makes your Super Mario 3D Land journey slightly better. - Solacress

The Contenders

11 World Fire Flower

I recently unlocked this world, and started listening to the song, which is a remix of World Mushroom's song. I have to say, I now actually prefer this variation. - Solacress

12 The Great Tower

Yeah, I may need to redo the order if this list. This is not better than world Mushroom/fire flower's song. - Solacress

13 World Mushroom

Well, that was certainly a change from World Star! Instead of being mellow and relaxing, it's now energetic and upbeat. Not saying I prefer this one, but it's still great. - Solacress

14 Snowball Park

Another reused song. I personally think there are better snow themes out there, but this one is OK I guess. - Solacress

15 Staff Roll (Super Mario 3D World)

I'm confused on how this wasn't here before. My absolute favorite! - Btd

16 The Great Tower Showdown 1

I definitely prefer the second version, but this version is pretty good. - Solacress

17 Beep Block Skyway

I prefer it over Super Mario Galaxy's version actually. There's a first for everything I guess. - Solacress

18 Bowser's Lava Lake Keep

The castle theme that was reused. It's not the best bowser's castle theme, but it at least deserves the top 20 on this list. - Solacress

19 World Bowser

Not bad for a bowser world theme actually - Solacress

20 Super Bell Hill

The main overworld theme of the game. - Solacress

21 Sprawling Savanna

One of the best levels, and it has a good song.(well, all of the songs in this game are good) - Solacress

22 Bowser's Bullet Bill Brigade

I do think this one is overrated, but it's OK - Solacress

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