Top Ten Super Mario Galaxy 2 World 3 Galaxies

Here are the best galaxies in Super Mario Galaxy 2's third world. Vote on the list to determine the order, and so with that being said here is the list.

The Top Ten

Bowser Jr.'s Fearsome Fleet

This is for me one of the most meaningful and important galaxies for me personally and I'd go as far as calling it my favourite Super Mario Galaxy galaxy of all time. It's up there fighting for the first spot trophy alongside Freezeflame Galaxy, Toy Time Galaxy, Ghostly Galaxy and Boo Moon Galaxy. Now what makes this world finale-galaxy so damn good that it beats several galaxies? Well..., let's just get the best thing out of the way first, Megahammer, the boss. This has got to be the best boss battle in all of Super Mario Galaxy, possibly in all of Mario too. It's super engaging and I like how yoshi is required to defeat the boss. Speaking of which, Yoshi. This is the only World Galaxy/Level in all of Mario to really emphasize the use of Yoshi to reach the boss, by swallowing bullet bills to send them off breaking cages containing valuables like levers, etc. It also helps that the overall atmosphere is amazing, as we're right above the atmosphere of some green planet of some sort, ...more

Tall Trunk Galaxy

Most people can agree that Tall Trunk Galaxy is one of the most unique Super Mario Galaxy galaxies overall, seeing as both of the two main stars are just incredibly different, both from each other, and from other stars in the game. In one of them, you're climbing giant trees using Yoshi and the blimp fruit power-up which lets Yoshi rise like a balloon, and in the other you're racing down a slide similar to Super Mario 64's slide levels, and both of these levels are just amazingly fun to play! The music is the same as in Yoshi Star Galaxy, and it's amazing too. Overall, the galaxy is (obviously) amazing.

Freezy Flake Galaxy

Levels in Super Mario that are winter-themed usually end up being a hit or a miss, although most often leaning towards the former. In Super Mario Odyssey, Shiveria happened to be one of the weakest levels in the game, in Super Mario Galaxy, Freezeflame was amazing, but the other snow level, Snow Cap was atrocious. And in the New Super Mario Bros. games it's usually either fun or not fun. Freezeflake Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy 2 is one of the better snow levels in Mario, if not one of the best. The music is chill and fun to listen to, and the missions are both really fun. I mean, using snowballs to traverse across a lava lake in order to burn down a bowser statue? That's awesome! Or possibly walking around in a blizzard until you must defeat a snowman boss? That's also great! As you see, I really love Freezy Flake Galaxy a lot.

Cloudy Court Galaxy

I feel as if Cloudy Court Galaxy is the one major Super Mario Galaxy level in which all three stars feel the most diverse and unique from one another, which already boosts some points for Cloudy Court. Being set up in the clouds alongside some cylinder-grassy planets and a few musical instruments like drums, there's a lot of interesting stuff going on in this galaxy. In one mission we're basically just travelling across the land, in the other we are being followed by cosmic clones who we must escape, and in the other we're in a swampy enviroment where we must get silver stars while being hunted by cosmic clones. I like all of these missions and this makes Cloudy Court Galaxy another really strong level in my opinion.

Haunty Halls Galaxy

Out of the three ghost house levels in the Super Mario Galaxy series, Ghostly Galaxy (from SMG), Haunty Halls Galaxy (this one) and Boo Moon Galaxy (also in SMG2), most people can probably agree Haunty Halls is the overall weakest one. Not that it's bad, it's still a lot of fun in my opinion and I'd classify it as a great galaxy. It's just that the stars and design is not too interesting. You're mostly just walking around in haunted halls with walls you can walk through and fall to your death, which isn't too interesting. However what is interesting is the star where you temporarily walk around in a mansion whose floor must be lit up with Yoshi's Bulb Berry in order for Mario to be able to walk around on it. That's about it for cool stuff though, as the other star is just really basic and has giant boos chasing you and yadda yadda yadda. Overall a pretty great galaxy but not the best in the slightest at all.

Beat Block Galaxy

A hungry luma minor galaxy whose gimmick is that these cube-platforms, green and yellow will consistently switch place in being solid in beat to the music. So for three seconds you can walk on green platforms, and the other three it's the yellow's time to shine. It's a fun galaxy, not gonna line. The difficulty although easy is passable, the level design is pretty great and the last section with the silver stars is pretty fun. My biggest gripe is just that the music feels basic, but that's it.

Rolling Masterpiece Galaxy

I've mentioned galaxies on other lists that I don't like simply because there's just too many small and random planets that make the overall level feel bland, but this galaxy takes the trophy for that title. Nothing in this galaxy makes sense at all, you've got some ball with paintbrushes nailed into the ground, some wooden section, and some Rolling Green section..., that's not the bad thing though. I do think the atmosphere with the music feels pretty cool and obscure, which I like. What I don't like is the motion controls used for controlling a ball which Mario balances on to traverse this galaxy. They're absolutely broken and it's super difficult trying to go in the opposite direction the game wants you to move. That's just annoying, man. I don't really dislike this galaxy, but those motion controls..., man.

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