Top Ten Super Mario Galaxy 2 Bosses

The Top Ten Super Mario Galaxy 2 Bosses

1 Gobblegut

Second best behind Megahammer - darthvadern

Man pretty hard boss for so early on in the game

This is number 10 come on

Digs tunnels

2 Megahammer

Just a really fun boss to fight, and the Daredevil Run is a good challenge.

One of the reasons Bowser Jr.'s Fearsome Fleet is one of my all-time favourite galaxies - darthvadern

It's a giant robot and you get to hit it in the boobs. Plus, completely fitting music for when you are fighting him.

This was so hard for me. I died like 20 times not just on the boss but on the level itself

3 Digga-Leg

Great but too easy - darthvadern

Best boss music of them all in my opinion

This boss is cool!

Spawns drills

4 Giant Bowser

Very climatic - darthvadern

It's easy but It's epic

What a great boss!

I love this fight Epic music

5 King Kaliente

A classic! - darthvadern

6 Rollodillo

He's a little easy but not hard

It's ok - darthvadern

7 Dino Piranha

Another classic! - darthvadern

It's not hard it's the easiest in the serious

8 Fire Gobblegut

This is not easier than gobble gut, it's 50x harder

How is this lower than gobblegut

He's ok - darthvadern

9 Boomsday Machine

Amazing boss - darthvadern

This boss is really tough! The vacuum attack is very annoying! This boss is awesome and I want it to go to number 1!

People say it is really hard I did it with out taking any damage first try LIKE It's A DARE DEVIL

This boss took me many tries to defeat. This boss should be number 1!

10 Bouldergeist

Also a classic - darthvadern

I HATE him but honestly, he's pretty dang AWESOME.

The daredevil is hard but the rest is fun

Well duh he is so cool and hard at the same time perfect combinaition

The Contenders

11 Bowser Jr

He has three bosses though... - darthvadern

How does Bowser make his machines? I mean, I have barely seen electronics in the game... Saving up benefit money maybe? Princess bribe? - DapperPickle

Jr wasn't really a boss, he was too coward to fight himself. So he had gun legit and some machines fight for him. - Therandom

Gun legit is supposed to be gobblegut. - Therandom

12 Major Burrows

The least of the classics but still one - darthvadern

13 Squizzard

Unique one - darthvadern

Squizzard is legendary

14 Fiery Dino Piranha

Ah yes this hard boss - darthvadern

15 Sorbetti

I love it - darthvadern

16 Prince Pikante

I really like it - darthvadern

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