Top Ten Super Mario Galaxy Bosses


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1 Kingfin

Yes this one's original - darthvadern

Who voted for this? He wasnt that hard. - sslick9001

I don't like it

This is said SO... MANY... TIMES!

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2 Bouldergeist Bouldergeist

Should be number 1

Very unique one - darthvadern

Lots of people complain why bouldergeist is so hard. He really isn't! His attacks are slow and easy to memorize. I kind of get it for the hands, but still. - sslick9001

I tried at least 100 times as a 10 year old to try and beat this, but I think I had about a 0.5% success rate. Real hard, yet really fun.

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3 Megaleg

It's one of the most impressive bosses in the game - darthvadern

He's not that hard. - sslick9001

Very good for a first boss, just fun to fight

When You Start The Battle And See Megaleg You're Like How Am I Supposed To Beat That Thing It's Huge

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4 Bowser Bowser Bowser is the main antagonist of the Mario Bros. Franchise. From kidnapping Princess Peach to simply destroying a fun game between Mario and Friends in the Mario Party spinoff series, this king of the Koopas has set up a certain hatred towards himself amongst the large cast of Mario Characters. He first more.

2 had better though - darthvadern

Depends on what game it is. - sslick9001

The main one.


Bowser Is Boss. Literally.

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5 King Kaliente

Excellent boss battle really in my opinion - darthvadern

King Kaliente was pretty cool in the first battle, but when he came back as the fifth observatory boss like a new, severely burned, revenge seeking octopus lord, well that was just unbelievably epic.

Pros: the king of flipping LAVA, that itself is insanely awesome, but being a tentacled monster who bathes in lava, that is unbelievable, his son Prince Pikante who appears in Super Mario Galaxy 2 is not as cool but he is harder than his father. Cons: Both (all three if the Super Mario Galaxy 2 encounter counts) of your battles with him are easier than DINO PIRHANA, COME ON! Also he might just be the king of octoombas and not lava (of course, he could be the king of both, which would make him even MORE awesome) the pros beat the cons by a long shot though, and while I agree that Megaleg and Kingfin are SLIGHTLY more awesome than him, I would also agree that he is a lot cooler (I meant more awesome, not the temperature, in which case it would generally be the opposite) than most bosses

No the one in engine room

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6 Fiery Dino Piranha

Hard - darthvadern

Hoe is a plant on fire and now it's alive, makes as much since as a shark that can't bite through a gummy bear even though it's a SHARK!

He is known to many for his high difficulty level in both games

7 Kamella

Very memorable - darthvadern

I don't know why they bothered to talk about kamella

The daredevil was easy,you can faint if you want since I said that,but don't it's a game guys

8 Dino Piranha

First boss in game - darthvadern

This is like the easiest boss in the game! - sslick9001

Dino Piranha is so cute to be honest I wanna keep him

He is the OG Mario Galaxy boss and a good intro to the awesomeness that is Mario galaxy

9 Major Burrows

Yeah he was a cool boss - darthvadern

I love the noises he makes lol

10 Bowser Jr.'s Airship

Well not sure - darthvadern

The Contenders

11 Boomsday Machine

That's in the sequel - darthvadern

Hard the first time, but gets easier - sslick9001

Don't does it man

This boss made me want to throw my T.V. at my other T.V.. If that makes any sense. It was hard for a noob like me. But it was still a fun one to play, even just for the fun of it.

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12 Megahammer

That's in the sequel, and it's the best there - darthvadern

Really hard the first time u fight him - sslick9001

My most favorite Mario boss music of all time. And also Yoshi is there too! My favorite.

An Incredibly fun fight!

Also, it has some pretty awesome music.

13 Whomp King

That's in the sequel - darthvadern

Original boss back 4 revenge. Amaze balls. U know what else is amaze balls? U peeps still reading my crappy work :). I appreciate it :).

14 Topmaniac

Super easy - darthvadern

Seriously? This deserves to be higher on this list! This guy is awesome and you got to battle him multiple times in the series. Also, he is so easy that even the daredevil stars are HARD to fail!

15 Tarantox

A bit annoying honestly - darthvadern

Worst boss ever it took me like an hour because it takes a long time, but it was kind of easy, except fir the acid it shoots out

This boss is very tricky!

16 Prince Pikante

That's in the sequel - darthvadern

17 Rollodillo

That's in the sequel - darthvadern

So flippin CUTE! I felt so bad having to kill it because bowser force-fed it a star

he's cute

18 Glamdozer

That's in the sequel - darthvadern

19 Gobblegut

That's in the sequel - darthvadern

This was honestly not that bad of a boss until I met fiery gobblegut. Fire! Anyway gobblegut is a dragon with body pimples. Lol. Hit them = you win.

20 Guppy

Not a boss - darthvadern

21 Boo Racer

Not really a boss - darthvadern

king boo should be on ghostly galaxy

22 Digga-Leg

That's in the sequel - darthvadern

He is very good. He is a creative and fun boss. The difficulty is just right, but mostly comes from how hard it is to hit him rather than how much damage he does. It is always fun to drill from below and smack into his bottom.


23 Fire Gobblegut

That's in the sequel - darthvadern

24 Peewee Piranha

That's in the sequel - darthvadern

25 Undergrunt Gunner

Good one - darthvadern

26 Mecha Bowser

Not really a boss but a fun level definitely - darthvadern

27 Giga Lakitu

That's in the sequel - darthvadern

He is so hard

28 Kamella's Airship Fleet

Already on the list - darthvadern

29 Baron Brrr

A fun boss battle to be honest really - darthvadern

The lamest boss of all time besides boom boom - sslick9001

30 Bugaboom

Good - darthvadern

Absolutely stupid. Easy as pie.

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