Best Super Mario Galaxy Galaxies

The Top Ten Best Super Mario Galaxy Galaxies

1 Freezeflame Galaxy

Of course the best one - darthvadern

It has the worst boss in the game and it has all of the annoying enemies. Great concept, but it doesn't deserve number one.

The water makes it fun, and climing the mountain

2 Good Egg Galaxy

Overrated, but I like it - darthvadern

The 1st level I guess it makes sense

3 Sea Slide Galaxy

It's beautiful! - darthvadern

It's fun to play with peinguns, get guppy out of the way, but the purple coin star takes FOREVER

4 Gusty Garden Galaxy

I love the music and layout - darthvadern

I like using the floaty fluff.

Bunnies vs moles, THIS IS WAR

5 Space Junk Galaxy

Boring, but still great - darthvadern

All the junk is the fun

6 Honeyhive Galaxy

It's the closest to an open world galaxy we have in this game, and I love it.

I think Gold Leaf is better but this one's more nostalgic - darthvadern

Thank you queen bee for the fun

7 Beach Bowl Galaxy

Kinda overrated, but surely great - darthvadern

This is really vacation

8 Battlerock Galaxy

This one's totally awesome - darthvadern

This is like boss blitz, but with enemies

9 Toy Time Galaxy

Number #10? Move this up, shall we? - darthvadern

This should be #1

10 Ghostly Galaxy

Great ghost level! - darthvadern

The mainson is great, but I hate the prankster comets

The Contenders

11 Dreadnought Galaxy

Not as good as Battlerock, but enjoyable too - darthvadern

12 Buoy Base Galaxy

Best music in the entire game! - darthvadern

13 Deep Dark Galaxy
14 Loopdeeloop Galaxy

One of the worst - darthvadern

How do you not like this? It's amazing and fun!

15 Dusty Dune Galaxy
16 Melty Molten Galaxy
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