Best Super Mario Galaxy Songs


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1 Gusty Garden Galaxy

This song is just so majestic and fitting. I don't get why some people call it overrated. - Solacress

2 Egg Planet
3 Purple Comet
4 Super Mario Galaxy

This is a great song. My true favorite!

5 Final Battle with Bowser

One of the bes tthemes ever in my opinion! - HeavyDonkeyKong

6 Space Junk Road

Why the hell is this not #1

7 Beach Bowl Galaxy
8 Waltz of the Boos
9 The Star Festival

Such a perfect song for a starry night! My true favorite! Not only is this my favorite Mario song, not only is this my favorite video game song, this my favorite song of all time period! My only complaint, is that the violin seems to end with a bit of a screech on every stroke. Other than that, this song is a brilliant masterpiece! My second favorite is Buoy Base from the same game - Buoy Base is an epic outer-spacey kind-of song that really makes you feel like you can do anything! Buoy Base is a perfect song to raise your spirit if you ever lose confidence in yourself... take my word for it! Both were composed by Koji Kondo, as are the rest of the songs from Super Mario Galaxy!

10 Luma

The Contenders

11 Buoy Base Galaxy

How was this not #1 already? - darthvadern

12 Credits
13 Good Egg Galaxy UListen to Sample
14 Family
15 Toy Time Galaxy
16 Purple Coin Challenge
17 Cosmic Mario Race

as on

18 Honeyhive Galaxy UListen to Sample
19 Comet Observatory
20 Space Junk Galaxy UListen to Sample
21 Battlerock Galaxy UListen to Sample
22 Super Mario Galaxy Title Theme
23 Super Mario Galaxy 2 Credits

Better than Galaxy 1's credits.

24 Sad Girl
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1. Credits
2. Gusty Garden Galaxy
3. Good Egg Galaxy
1. Egg Planet
2. Gusty Garden Galaxy
3. Purple Comet


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