Top Ten Super Mario Games with the Worst Character Roster


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1 Super Mario Run

Where is Rosalina in this game!

Let's see...
Only ten characters in a game that can easily contain like 20 characters, no Daisy, Wario, Rosalina, just some old faces and Toadette, which is not that bad but I think seeing any of those characters was better.
And the worst part... 5 characters out of ten are just recolored Yoshis... REALLY NINTENDO?! People complained so much about Mario Kart 8 and his roster with a lack of variations, thing that was at least fixed in the Deluxe version, but THIS?! This is Mario Kart 8 1000 times worse, in MK8 there are 4 characters that are power ups and one weird baby choice outside... 36 characters, 31 of them are at least decently unique (maybe not all of them, but still) but Nintendo had to do this joke for this mediocre Super Mario Run.

EDIT: now the roster is kinda fixed thanks to the latest update which added Daisy. - DaisyandRosalina

Any game without Daisy or Rosuglina is a good roster - WendyIsQueen

2 Mario Golf 64
3 Mario Kart 8

Cough cough Pink Gold Peach cough cough - mlcassidy9

Pink Gold Peach RUINED THE GAME!

Man, I hate the koopalings. Their dumbass fandom is even worse than Luigi's.

Rosalina is garbage. Same with the Koopalings, the babies, and the power ups.

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4 Mario Tennis: Power Tour

To all those Pink Gold Peach haters, I would much rather play as her than some random royal academy tennis player because at least Pink Gold Peach is a clone of a MARIO character! These royal academy tennis players has NOTHING to do with Mario! - darthvadern

5 Mario Party Advance

I like the 4 characters, but there should've been more characters!

Lol - Noudritman123

6 Mario Tennis Open

I sure as hell don't get the appeal this game has. However, I understand that for some reason, they did not have time for Rosalina but Metal Mario the Pointless instead. - The Ultimate Daredevil

7 NES Open Tournament Golf
8 Super Mario Strikers
9 Mario Kart DS
10 Mario Party 9

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11 Mario Kart 7

They should have replaced Metal Mario with Waluigi, Waluigi Pinball is a retro track but Waluigi isn't playable? That's an insult to Waluigi fans, Well, it's still my favourite mario kart game. At least we didn't get baby characters and Pink Gold Peach. I still liked the roster, it included four other new cool characters at least, Shy Guy, Honey Queen, Wiggler and Lakitu. - darthvadern

Honey Queen,Wiggler,Metal Mario,Lakitu? And no Waluigi? I'm not a Waluigi fan but it bothers me that Waluigi Pinball is a retro track in this game and he's not even playable. At least we have shy guy - Randomator

12 Mario Kart: Super Circuit
13 Mario Party 5
14 Mario Kart Arcade GP VR
15 Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash

It has Rosalina so it's automatically garbage.

16 Mario Golf Advance Tour
17 Mario Golf GBC
18 Mario Sports Superstars

Rosalina, the babies, and the metals are the reason why this bad game's roster is so awful.

Aside from Pgp and Metal Mario the roster is decent

Pink Gold Peach automaticilly makes the roster bad, sadly. Considering the other choices except for Metal Mario are phenomenal! - darthvadern

19 Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Like let's be real the only good new tey added was King Boo and BNowser Jr., the rest that were new, were crap, like Dry Bones, or Gold Mario - darthvadern

20 Super Mario Party
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