Top 10 Super Mario Games

The best super mario games, this only includes the mario games in the main series, which means no mario party, sports or kart and so on, only those that start with Super Mario.

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1 Super Mario Odyssey

Super Mario... ODYSSEY! Yes, I think this is better than Super Mario 64. Super Mario 64 is a fan-favourite, and I can definitely see why. But, the fact that in October 2017, Nintendo released a new mario 3d game on Nintendo Switch called Super Mario Odyssey and it turned out ot be one of the greatest mario games of all time! Even better than Super Mario 64, I consider it to be my second favourite mario game of all time! I still like Mario Party 9 more, but only slightly. MP9 was the first video game Iever got so nothing may top that game. But this game is, I don't have the words for it. Epic! Phenomenal! Revolutionary! I got this video game this christmas. I love this, it's super creative! The story is creative, while it's the same "Peach gets kidnapped Mario goes to rescue her" story, it is a little different. This time Bowser kidnapps Peach because he wants to marry Peach. Mario needs to explore different kingdoms to find power moons to fuel his ship to get to Bowser. Yes! This will ...more - darthvadern

This is one of the best Nintendo Switch Games, one of my favorite 3D Mario, and my favorite Mario game of all time! Seriously everyone should own the game, it has a good plot, and the gameplay is superb! You get power moons, while you explore. In 10-20 years everyone is probably going to own it and speedrun this amazing game.

I finished the main storyline and I really love this game - MegaSoulhero

In my opinion, this is the best game of all time!

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2 Super Mario Galaxy 2

This game is the greatest video game of all time - sslick9001

YES! Super Mario Galaxy is one of the greatest vide ogame duologies out there, even though they are a tiny bit overrated. I don't consider them to be the greatest games of all time, but don't get me wrong, I still love these two games! They are a masterpiece! I think the second one is the best of them. Mainly because this made everything that was bad with the first one good. There is a bigger and better special world. And when you've completed Bowser's Galaxy Generatior fo rhte second time as Luigi, you'll unlock the green stars, stars scattered around in galaxies, hidden. And then, you'll unlock one of the hardest levels of all time; Grandmaster Galaxy - The Perfect Run. It's so hard I still haven't completed that last star, and I got this game in christmas 2013. Which is saying much. I love this video game! - darthvadern

3 Super Mario Sunshine


Very awesomne game! - darthvadern

4 Super Mario World

I just love the music in the game so much - cjWriter1997

While it isn't as good as Super Mario Bros. 3, this still deserves to be high in the top ten! The game's graphics are honestly amazing, maybe I'm just biased because I loved the SNES graphics, I prefer SNES graphics over most modern graphics. The osundtrack is so good! The final bowser battle and castle theme are so classic songs! And the title screen is nostalgia! The bosses are the Koopalings... agian, and of course Bowser. The Bowser is amazing in this game, it's such a classic! - darthvadern

5 Super Mario Bros. 3

I consider this to be the best super mario games, to be honest, this is my third favourite mario game of all time, this is really a nostalgic one! I love it! Soundtrack amazing, the controls are great. the leveld are amazing (well except those in the water world). The bosses are the koopalings, and I like koopalings. The worlds are all different and unique, I love Giant Land, Desert Land and Pipe Land. - darthvadern

6 Super Mario Galaxy

This game is so awesome, but galaxy 2 is better - sslick9001

I got this game in christmas 2013, the same time I got the second one too! I did however get this two days after I got the second one. That's because it hadn't come in time so I got this 26th Christmas, keep I mind in Sweden everyone opens christams presents on the evening 24th instead of 25th morning, I don't know why it is so in Sweden, but this year our family made a change so that we open up presents 25th like every other country in the world. Ok, why am I talking about sweden's traditions instead of this game? Anyway, this game is a masterpiece as well! Though a bit overrated. But the soundtrack ios the best thing about this game, and this goes for the second one as well, the oundtrack is amazing. Ok, Gusty Garden is overrated but there are still a bunch of amazing songs. Melty Molten, Bowser Battle and Bouy Base are amazing songs and among my favourite songs from the game! The bosses are nont as good as the second one's but still pretty good! I really like King Kaliente, Kamella ...more - darthvadern

7 Super Mario 3D World

It doesn't really hold up to the other mario games, but that doesn't mean it's a bad game! It's amazing as well. It's super creative! The levels are some of the uniquest levels I have ever seen in a video game, I mean just play Mount Must Dash, Sprawling Savahna, The Great Goal Pole and Hands-on Hall. Like who came up with those ideas. Whoever who did it. He's worth a medal! The bossesa re also finally new bosses new to the seriers! Also, they brought back classic enemies that had been absent for very long time, like Galoomba, Chargin Chuck and Bully. There's even a boss called Prince Bully! He's easy but entertaining! I think it's an awesomne game! - darthvadern

8 Super Mario 64 DS

Amazing - darthvadern

9 Super Mario 64

This is usually considered one of the greatest video games of all time, and for good reason, it's amazing! The graphics still look impressive even to this day! I bought this on the Wii Virtual Console some years ago, and I loved it. This is the root to all 3D games! It was the first ever 3D game in the world! It's revolutionary! The music is really classic and catchy. The levels are really good too! I really like Tall Tall Mountain, Snowman's Land, Dire Dire Docks and Whomp's Fortress. Whomp's Fortress was in fact so good they brought in back to Super Mario Galaxy 2. The bosses however are not good. They don't even fell like bosses apart from the bowser battles. I mean, Big Bully and Chill Bully, what kind of bosses were they!? Also there is this one level that just SUCKS! Rainbow Ride, you just float on a rug for the whole level! Well apart from that it's an amazing game. - darthvadern

Why is this lower than 64 ds? - sslick9001

10 New Super Mario Bros. (DS)

The greates game in the NSMB series, it incudes the best level in that series! 8-7! In that level you get to meet all the Hammer Bros. types except for Hammer Bro and Ice Bro, Ice Bro though wasn't created back then but it's an amazing game! - darthvadern

The Contenders

11 Super Mario 3D Land

A great game, but doesn't have many unique stages - sslick9001

It will remain as a classic! I love this game almost as much as 3D World! I got this game in christams 2016 along with Super Mario 3D World. I loved playing this game. I still haven't beaten the whole game. I'm om a special world currently. But let's just say. The soundtrack is amazing! The normal overworld theme is so classic! I could listen to it anytime of the week! The bosses are Boom Boom and Pom Pom only, plus Bowser and Dry Bowser, sadly. But at least in World 7 we fight Boom Boom and Pom Pom togheter at least, which was an entertaining boss battle. It's an awesomne game! - darthvadern

12 Super Mario Bros. 2

This game is really different from Super Mario Bros.. This is a great game honestky in my opinion. Instead of jumping on enemies you have to throw vegetables at them. The final boss isn't even Bowser, it's a guy called Wart, who is vulnerable to vegetables. I wonder why he hasn't appeared in a recent Mario game, I honeastly liked Wart. - darthvadern

13 New Super Mario Bros. U

Great game. One of the first games I have played on the Wii U. Is a must-have for any Mario fan.

14 New Super Mario Bros. Wii

Best NSMB game! - darthvadern

15 Super Mario Bros.

Classic! This is the root to all mario games! The soundtrack is really classic. The levels are all pretty great! The whole Bowser Impostor thing was honestly cool in my opinion. It's impossible to hate this game! It's really good! The only reason it's only good is beaucse I wih there were more variety of levels, like desert and ghost houses, but that doesn't stop me from really liking this game. - darthvadern

16 New Super Mario Bros. 2

Overhated - darthvadern

17 Super Mario Kart

Not a super mario game! - darthvadern

18 Mario Paint

10/10. Best game. Best game. - sslick9001

19 Super Mario Maker
20 Super Mario World 2: Yoshi Island
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