Top 10 Super Mario Kart Songs

Now I'll be doing Mario Kart lists relating to songs. I'll start by ranking the Super Mario Kart songs. With that being said here is the list.

The Top Ten Super Mario Kart Songs

Rainbow Road

While most Rainbow Roads after this first game used more epic and beautiful music, Super Mario Kart's version of Rainbow Road is slightly more chaotic and motivating in a different sense. This is one of the hardest tracks ever and this music defines it plus by motivating you to still try even if you fall off. It's pretty great. - darthvadern

Makes me feel calm inside - Spongehouse

Mario Circuit

Definitely the best Super Mario Kart song in my opinion. It's actually one of my favourite Mario Kart song in general because it's incredibly nice and just fits so well with Mario Kart. This song defines what it Mario Kart. It's original, it's fun, yeah. It's not chaotic but actually pretty chill though. But in the most basic sense it still defines what is Mario Kart. Definitely the best. - darthvadern

Title Screen

This is one of my favourite title themes in Mario Kart, just behind Mario Kart 7's and Mario Kart DS's. It's happy, nostalgic-sounding, chill, you name it basically. I mean there's not much to say about it other than I really like it a lot. Third favourite song from Super Mario Kart. - darthvadern

Donut Plains

This is the third best course song personally. The Donut Plains are pretty chill courses in general as they are set in a forest of some sort in the land of Donut Plains and the difficulty ain't too bad (some will argue 3 is the hardest course ever but I disagree). The instruments are nice here and it's a quite good melody so it's personally a great song overall. - darthvadern

Vanilla Lake

This is another chill song and the most chill one (no pun intended), set in the icy vanilla lake courses which most people hate. Well I only hate the first one. Vanilla Lake 2 is one of my favourite courses ever. It surely fits the courses well somehow though. I like it. - darthvadern

Battle Mode

I really liked the battle mode in the game and part of it was the quite good music that came along each battle stage. It's not too simple and it fits the point of the battle mode where you try to look up your opponents to blow up their balloon. It just really fits it a lot for some reason. - darthvadern

Ghost Valley

From now on the songs range from decent to bad. This particular song isn't actually bad because I like the melody and it's spooky but my problem is that the song is silent almost at all times. You only hear some spooky sounds and every 30th second the awesome melody comes in so that's why it's relatively low. - darthvadern

Koopa Beach

This song is personally just uninteresting. It's a solid 4/10 at best considering it's just 15 second loop over and over again although each loop has some alterings. But the point is, the melody is uninteresting and while it's somewhat fitting for a beach, it's still uninteresting at best. - darthvadern

Bowser Castle

In my opinion, Bowser Castle and Choco Island are the only two bad songs in the game and it's because their melodies are either just completely unmemorable and uninteresting, or because they sound downright terrible. With Bowser Castle it's the latter case. It's a remix on the final boss theme from Super Mario World but it sounds like earrape and the instruments suck. Way to ruin one of the best final boss themes ever. - darthvadern

Choco Island

Choco Island a tad worse than Bowser Castle because at least that song is somewhat memorable as it is a remix on one of the best songs ever. This on the other hand was the last song in the game I memorized actualy because it's so uninteresting. The melody does not fit in the slightest to the chocolate island course and the instruments are the same as almost every other song in the game. Just so bad. - darthvadern

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