Top Ten Super Mario Maker Creators

For high quality, fun, and visually beautiful levels, these are the top ten creators in Mario Maker.

The Top Ten

1 Dannyh09

Incredible levels with awesome music and mechanics and visually amazing - YOSHIA2121

2 Andrew2121
3 Billy


Super fun challenges and has really good star rates - YOSHIA2121

4 RubberRoss

He's a scrawny little Australian who just wants to see you suffer.

5 Cheezsauce

Love his recreations of past games - YOSHIA2121

6 Nils

Fun levels with a lot of stars - YOSHIA2121

7 MK8
8 Bubby
9 Pangaea Panga

Insane kaizo levels that take hours of dedication to beat, I finally beat a few of his levels - YOSHIA2121

10 AndreGX

Super meat bros is why he is on the list - YOSHIA2121

The Contenders

11 Seanhip2

Creator of the best One-Screen (Troll) Levels. - Spy

Genius troll levels with added spaghetti

Makes the best puzzle (troll) levels with plenty of spaghetti!

Amazing creative one screen puzzle levels, tons of effort and thought went into them, don't be supprised if you spend a hours on some of them.

12 NinCaprisun

Hilarious youtube and good level creator - YOSHIA2121

13 Aren

Why are you stealing from ruins? - Spy

Good creator

14 Com_poser
15 Hyrulean

I remember playing this guys levels... they were amazing... - Pokemonfan10

16 Jay Kaizo
17 Oscarin
18 Kinoko
19 Bowser
20 MegaMatr1x
21 King Spork

He makes good troll levels kappaross

22 J-Bizzle

His levels are awesome!

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