Top Ten Super Mario Maker Creators

For high quality, fun, and visually beautiful levels, these are the top ten creators in Mario Maker.

The Top Ten

1 Dannyh09

Incredible levels with awesome music and mechanics and visually amazing - YOSHIA2121

2 Andrew2121

The most beautiful levels I have ever seen

D99B00000303B46B - YOSHIA2121

3 Billy

Super fun challenges and has really good star rates - YOSHIA2121

4 Cheezsauce

Love his recreations of past games - YOSHIA2121

5 Nils

Fun levels with a lot of stars - YOSHIA2121

6 MK8

Mission impossible creator so he has to be on the list - YOSHIA2121

7 RubberRoss

He's a scrawny little Australian who just wants to see you suffer.

8 Bubby

Some of his levels are cool and some suck but the good ones have great pixel art - YOSHIA2121

9 Pangaea Panga

Insane kaizo levels that take hours of dedication to beat, I finally beat a few of his levels - YOSHIA2121

10 AndreGX

Super meat bros is why he is on the list - YOSHIA2121

The Contenders

11 NinCaprisun

Hilarious youtube and good level creator - YOSHIA2121

12 Seanhip2

Amazing creative one screen puzzle levels, tons of effort and thought went into them, don't be supprised if you spend a hours on some of them.

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