Top 10 Super Mario Maker Levels

Super Mario Maker has already been out for a while and many creative levels have Ben created by the Mario Maker Community. That's why I decided to countdown the Ten Best!

Feel free to add your own creations!

The Top Ten

1 Winners Don't Do Shrooms

What is the level ID for this level?

Hard to beat but super fun - YOSHIA2121

My favourite level. Except for Super Meat Boy which I put on here.

YES! My fabvorite level in the game! - HeavyDonkeyKong

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2 Crossy Road

Is my favorite maker besides myself (Everyone likes themselves best of course).

What is the ID?

3 Doc Makes a House Call
4 The Great Escape
5 Light and Shadow
6 Mario-Troid
7 The Grand Gateway to Pipeland

Best course ever!

Very decorative

How is this not #1?

This is the only Automatic level I like.

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8 Automatic Mario Kart

Most awesome supreme course!

My favorite automatic levle in the gme! - HeavyDonkeyKong

9 Super Shmup Bros.
10 Super Mario Vs Mecha Bowzilla Super Mario Vs Mecha Bowzilla

I thought this would be Number 1

The Newcomers

? Nightmare Disco

This is a great level!

The Contenders

11 D99B00000303B46B
12 Enjoy Mr. Blue Bones Wild Ride
13 Airship Armada Assault

This is my level. Nothing like a little self-promotion. :P - TheYoshiOverlord

14 Mega Mario - Bomb Man
15 Raiders of the Lost Coin
16 Sky Maze
17 A Journey Across the World
18 Super Meat Boy


It is hard, but look. Remember when it was at the top of the Star Ranking list? I totally agree with the people that gave it a star. Well, maybe people that are frustrated with hard platforming didn’t like it, and people make fun of it, but it’s only my opinion.

19 Tank Terror

Another level I made, I used the SMB airship style and conveyors to make tanks. - TheYoshiOverlord

20 Master Mario

Skill test

Your skills are put to the test here😼

21 Your Head! Use It or Lose It!

Best Puzzle level ever😄

22 Happy Doomsday!
23 Space Master
24 Escape from the Pyramid!
25 Jump and Duck

You have many characters to choose from.

26 End of the Galaxy
27 Samurai Shulk


28 Mario in Minecraft


29 All Shine


30 End
31 A Goomba Story
32 Ajm Race
33 Mole Story

SuperKev is the creator of this epic series based off of Goomba Story. Instead of only having 3 seasons, we'll fortunately be unfortunately forced to wait a pretty long time for a SIXTH season.

34 The Starry Knight
35 Super Mario Galaxy Boss Rush

This level is so cool! It has a lot of the bosses and it's so nostalgic!

36 Princess Toadstool's Castle

I did not make this one, but I thought I'd add it anyway. I especially loved how this guy built the Bob-omb Battlefield's painting - he put a Bob-omb in a box, to look like a painting of a Bob-omb (except the Bob-omb was moving, so it was like a magical painting)! So cool! I also think that Mario-troid is very clever, and I especially like the Mecha-Bowzilla - but this one is my favorite so far (that I didn't create, anyways, because of course everyone's favorite is their own designs)! Awesome level, though!

37 Mecha Bowzilla Returns
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