Best Super Mario Odyssey Kingdoms

WARNING! If you do not want spoilers, then please don't proceed at your own risk.

The Top Ten

1 Metro Kingdom

Gotta be my favorite kingdom! I can go on skyscrapers, visit Pauline, and the Pualine concert is huge nostalgia to the first Donkey Kong game! This Kingdom is the best! - PowerKamek

2 Luncheon Kingdom
3 Sand Kingdom

Easily my favorite Kingdom in the entire game! I normally prefer snow levels over desert ones in Mario games, but this one was different. It's got a beautifully colored town, an inverted pyramid, some awesome ruins, some underground ice caves, and much more! It is also home to my new 2nd favorite Mario character, those Tostarenan skeletons! My personal favorites after this one are: #2 Bowser's Kingdom (I especially love the Mechabrood boss battle), #3 Ruined Kingdom, #4 Cap Kingdom, and #5 Mushroom Kingdom! I still love the Mushroom Kingdom best in the world of Mario in general, but in this game, not so much.

4 Mushroom Kingdom

I couldn’t help but tear up even though I never played Mario 64. - thunderstar1124

5 Seaside Kingdom
6 Wooded Kingdom
7 Cascade Kingdom
8 Cap Kingdom
9 Lake Kingdom
10 Snow Kingdom

The Contenders

11 Bowser's Kingdom

I like the Japanese theme

12 Ruined Kingdom
13 Moon Kingdom
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