Best Super Mario Odyssey Kingdoms

WARNING! If you do not want spoilers, then please don't proceed at your own risk.

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1 Metro Kingdom

Oops. There was a mistake I made when making that comment. - TopTenX

It's nice to see Mario and Pauline get back together.

It is this and the mushroom kingdom that make this game good

The balloon challengers are the best here

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2 Sand Kingdom

Easily my favorite Kingdom in the entire game! I normally prefer snow levels over desert ones in Mario games, but this one was different. It's got a beautifully colored town, an inverted pyramid, some awesome ruins, some underground ice caves, and much more! It is also home to my new 2nd favorite Mario character, those Tostarenan skeletons! My personal favorites after this one are: #2 Bowser's Kingdom (I especially love the Mechabrood boss battle), #3 Ruined Kingdom, #4 Cap Kingdom, and #5 Mushroom Kingdom! I still love the Mushroom Kingdom best in the world of Mario in general, but in this game, not so much.

Sand looks nice

This is defintly my second favourite! It's so good it's actually interesting! - darthvadern

3 Luncheon Kingdom

It looks delicious! I actually want to taste the Stupendous Stew. - darthvadern

I wonder how the stupendous stew tastes. - TopTenX

So Colourful

4 Wooded Kingdom

This was such a neat idea for a kingdom. The mixture of the nature and mechanical parts of the kingdom were amazing. Most of the moons were fun to get, and it was pretty fun to just run around in. But the music, OH MY GOSH the music. This was by far my favorite in the game and one of my favorite Super Mario tunes of all time! The watering cans were so analytical that they were actually pretty funny. I will always remember this kingdom! Thanks Nintendo. - JKoopa

Easily my favorite kingdom in the game. The atmosphere is amazing and the music is outstanding. It's linear, but not too much. Also, I like forests, so it's a good thing for me - MaxPap

At first I liked mushroom as it’s so peaceful, but that’s not what Mario is about.
THIS is what Mario is all about. Too me, metro kingdom was dense but to small. Sand was big but not dense enough. This kingdom strikes a great blend and has lots of layers to it. Not to mention the music is the best in the game (minus robobrood battle)

5 Mushroom Kingdom

I couldn’t help but tear up even though I never played Mario 64. - thunderstar1124

Mushroom kingdom is loaded with fun challenges like the secret 2d treasure and boss rematches. it also is nostalgia packed fun. mushroom kingdom rules.

6 Cascade Kingdom

Classic! I will never forget the moment I stepped out of the Odyssey and out to the Cascade Kingdom for the first time! - darthvadern

Well you come off of the telephone wire and not the Odyssey but I get the point - TheInsomniac

The music is great

I will never forget when Mario captured the dinosaur that isn’t Yoshi for the first time - Randomator

A Bright And Colourful Kingdom, My Favourite Along With Lost (Also I Love The Birds but Who Doesn’t? )

7 Seaside Kingdom

Better than Lake Kingdom in my opinion. - Extractinator04

The best of the water levels! - darthvadern

Lake is better. - darthvadern

8 Snow Kingdom

So sad, the smash ball doesn't work. I held down b for my smash move to be activated, but that button doesn't work! 111! So angry!

Yasss snow kingdom

Snow Kingdom is usually overlooked, but if you look into it properly it's actually a really good kingdom.
Here is a list of pros about snow kingdom:
- The area is large and there is lots to explore
- The aesthetic of Shiveria is really nice
- Each tunnel (where you collect the moons to open the barriers) is an inventive and interesting mini-level
- Outside Shiveria you can swim but without getting stuck in different areas (cough cough lake kingdom)
- The racing mini-game is really fun and you can even continue to play it postgame
- There may not be many captures, but the ones there are, are interesting and fun e.g. ty-foos and you can even play as the residents of the kingdom which is something you can't do in other kingdoms
- And finally the residents of Shiveria (shiverians) are EXTREMELY ADORABLE! These sweet chubby seal-penguin things are just amazing (you can even play as one).
- One more thing, I find that the shiverians mourning the loss of cake ...more


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9 Lake Kingdom

The most enchanting kingdom in the game. It really makes me want to go swimming. - TheStormBolt

10 Cap Kingdom

Awesome music and atmosphere. - Thisgoronsonfire

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11 Lost Kingdom

This is my favorite because it feels odd

Tickle me timbers

I love this kingdom. When you fall with Cappy and the Odyssey from the Cloud Kingdom, you would never expect a kingdom like this. Even more, right off the bat, Cappy gets captured and it’s already exciting! The overall atmosphere of the kingdom isn’t too overwhelming, and it’s not too small or too big. The downside, though, many of the moons were super easy a boring to get. And don’t get me STARTED on the music for this kingdom. BEST IN THE GAME! SO CALMING AND BEAUTIFUL!

12 Bowser's Kingdom

I like the Japanese theme

13 Haunted Kingdom

This doesn't exist! - darthvadern

It's like so totally great.


14 Darker Side Darker Side
15 Crisis City

Wha? - TheInsomniac

16 Ruined Kingdom
17 Moon Kingdom
18 Cloud Kingdom Cloud Kingdom

Not a popular option, but this is the best. It’s so beautiful, and you get to fight Bowser! Also has the best 8-Bit section in the game.

19 Dark Side

Eh its ok but its really just empty rooms with bosses

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