Top 10 Best Super Mario Odyssey Soundtracks

Super Mario Odyssey has some great asoundtracks. Which one do you like the most? Vote down here.

The Top Ten

1 Steam Gardens Steam Gardens

Everyone is bragging about how awesomne this song is. And as they say, it's definitely one of the best songs in the game! It really reminds of one of my childhood games; Put-Put Enters The Race. It definitely reminds me of that game. This song automaticilly makes Wooded Kingdom one of the best kingdoms in the game. - darthvadern

2 Fossil Falls Fossil Falls

The strongest soundtrack in the game! I remember when I first stepped out of the Odyssey in to the Cascade Kingdom, with the beautiful nature, unreal graphics and this amazing soundtrack! Ironically, I was listening to the Steam Gardens soundtrack while writing this comment. But seriously though. This soundtrack is pure joy and happiness! - darthvadern

3 Honeylune Ridge: Caves
4 Bonneton Bonneton

This song reminds me of a cartoony russian movie for some reason. It's such a good soundtrack! - darthvadern

5 Torkdrift Battle
6 Ruined Dragon Battle
7 Jump Up, Super Star! Jump Up, Super Star!

This song will definitely get stuck in your head. At first when I heard there was going to be a vocal song in the game, I was kinda suprised, to be honest. As a person who doesn't like vocal songs, this was uprisingly good and definitely one of the biggest highlights about the game! - darthvadern

8 RoboBrood Battle
9 Run, Jump, Throw! 2
10 Shiveria: Town

The Contenders

11 Mount Volbono: Town
12 Madame Broode Battle
13 Ice
14 Break Free (Lead the Way)
15 Tostarena
16 Bowser Battle 1

Me and my friend like it. Why was it not on here? This is literally metal rock. - TopTenX

17 Bowser's Castle

This is the first one I'm talking about, it's so good! It has a heroic feel to it and villiany at the same time. - darthvadern

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