Top 10 Best Super Mario Party Minigames

Super Mario Party is Finally here! And it’s about time we got a decent Mario Party game again. And honestly the Minigames are so unique. Here’s the top 10 Best Minigames

The Top Ten

1 Slaparazzi

I like this one because you get to hit people out of the way. Plus, if you play as Bowser, you take up so much space that it's hard to lose! - Synchronocity

Fun game AND Funny photos. It's a win-win

One of the most addicting minigames of this game. My favourite as well I must say - darthvadern

I don't have a switch yet so I haven't played this yet, But hopefully it's a decent game for me - B1ueNew

2 Bumper Brawl

If you liked the classic Bumper Balls then you’ll love this one. I personally find it better because it fixes the originals biggest problem of always ending in a draw. Not only are there more players now but you can also do a charge. The only downside is it’s a bit too chaotic. They should have had less players or a bigger area - Randomator

3 Trip Navigator

I have a natural sense of direction. At least when it applies to Trip Navigator, that is. - Synchronocity

Why is the picture from Just For Kicks? Anyway this minigame is very fun and creative. One of my favorites easly - darthvadern

I love this Minigame because it feels different every time. Each player starts in a corner and has to make their way to the middle. However there’s a bunch of banana peels everywhere that will cause you to slip. It’s fun because it’s challenging. You’re racing the other players but you have to be careful at the same time. - Randomator

4 Just for Kicks

Mario Party has had several soccer themed Minigames but nothing like this. This is literally a soccer game. It’s very competitive and enjoyable and actually feels like a real soccer game. - Randomator

5 Bopping Spree

Not too good but surely a fun one - darthvadern

This is a pretty balanced 1 vs 3 Minigame. And the goal is to get to 20 first. That might seem like a lot but it’s not bad. The solo player is surrounded by punching bags which lets them get around easier while the team of 3 is outside the punching bags which makes it harder to get around but easier to hit. Overall a very solid Minigame - Randomator

6 It’s The Pits

Some of the best Minigames Mario Party has to offer are a last one standing type. In this Minigame you will run around for a little while and try to avoid a red section when the timer stops. Anyone caught in the red area is eliminated. At the end a second red area is added and it gets pretty intense and requires both skill and a dash of luck. - Randomator

7 Dash and Dine

Original idea for a mario game I like it - darthvadern

This Minigame is very enjoyable as you work with a partner to fulfill orders that Toad requests. It’s simple but has a little frantic feel as others constantly get in your way. And it’s the perfect length. - Randomator

8 Air to a Fortune

I love this Minigame because its all about strategy. In this Minigame you’re on a 3 by 3 grid of clouds with varying amounts of coins. Each player picks a cloud and gets that amount of coins. However the catch is if multiple players go for the same spot neither gets the coins.It might sound pretty simple but it has a nice strategic element to it. you have to decide whether to play it conservatively or risk going for the most - Randomator

9 Candy Shakedown

A very simple yet unique Minigame. It’s a great way to use the HD rumble feature to feel the candies. And it can actually be competitive sometimes - Randomator

10 Sizzling Stakes


This one irritated me slightly. While the scenario is excellent, the minigame gets annoying when you always accidently throw away the beefy cube - darthvadern

While I haven't played this game yet, this minigame looked excellent in the trailer - darthvadern

This is easily the most visually impressive Minigame and the most clever use of the HD rumble. The goal is to cook all 6 sides of a steak which sounds easy but it’s more complicated than you think because you could flip it to an already cooked side or flip it out of the pan and have to start all over. It’s simple yet complicated - Randomator

The Contenders

11 Pie Hard

My personal favorite - CrypticMemory

12 Smash and Crab
13 Train in Pain

This is one of those ally team Minigames where you control a train and must punch out the other teams trains. It’s very fun as you have to protect yourself and attack the other players. It also gets harder as more people get eliminated. Oh and there’s no safety from your own team so you have to be careful about that as well - Randomator

14 Sphere Mongers

Another Minigame that has a cool use of the HD rumble. The goal is to collect the most balls. What’s really cool is you can feel the balls sticking to the magnet. It’s also kinda complicated as you can steal balls from other players. Overall great Minigame - Randomator

15 Half the Battle
16 Don't Wake Wiggler

You each take turns petting wiggler whoever pets him the most wins.

17 Time to Shine

Best rhythm minigame, especially since Waluigi gets the first spotlight.

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