Biggest Problems with Mario Tennis Ultra Smash

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1 No interesting modes

Of the 2 main modes both are flawed. Mega Ball Rally is just a normal rally with a mega ball which is fine but it's kinda lame. Mega Battle involves Toad throwing Mega Mushrooms at random times problem is there's no meter to earn it or a question block. It's completely random. And it's repetitive. You get a power up then your opponent gets one then yours wears off then theirs wears off then repeat. Also there's a brief animation every time and it's the same every time which just breaks the action for no reason

2 Lacks character

There's no opening cutscene really? I know it's no big deal but still that's what gives the games character. Even random cuts of gameplay would be better than nothing at all. Plus the menu is just modernized instead of the GameCube titles with fun and flashy menus

3 Weak roster

They could've added so many more characters like Sprixie is a cool addition but where's Birdo Koopa Diddy Shy Guy and Petey Piranah?

This was the best part though and not too bad honestly. Sprixies are pretty decent, and the rest are fine too

4 Lacks an identity

Unless the identity is bland. There's no "special" mode that stands out as being memorable. This is the Mario Party 10 of Mario Sports games. And it's not a good thing

This game just has nothing going for it.

5 The stadium never changes

I wish there was more than a basic stadium. It would've been nice to have like a desert theme for the sand stage or whatever. That makes them more unique and memorable but I really don't remember any of the court textures. It's just laziness on Nintendo's part

6 Special shots aren’t that visually appealing

Remember when characters used to have their own special animations for their unique special shots? Not anymore. Gone are the days of special characters specific shots

7 The chance and special shots aren’t that interesting

All you do is go to the spot hit a button or two and bam a special shot. There's no meter or anything you have to build up there's just random spots on the ground which is kinda lame

8 The textures aren’t that interesting

You'd think they would be more interesting than what we got. Most of them I don't feel a difference. The Morph one has to be the coolest but the others are all lame.

9 Knockout challenge is underwhelming

So knockout challenge is the new "tourney" mode and it's a bit underwhelming. Sure you play progressively more difficult characters but still it comes off as anti climatic

10 The online mode

The online mode sucks. You can't play with friends which is stupid in itself but also good luck playing with anyone online anymore

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