Top 10 Drinking Games for Mario's Mystery Meat

The Top Ten
1 Every time a reference to another video game that isn't Super Mario World appears during the game

Final Fantasy's Zack Fair: Came from GONGAGA
Sponge: Actually is a Tomodachi Life character
Sponge: Is a blatant parody of Luigi

A meatless plate of spaghetti: Is a miserable little pile of secrets
Sponge: Looks like Hotel Mario's version of Mario at the end of the game's intro
The main theme song of the game's world map: Is Kid Kleets' London

Green Grass Zone: Is a parody of Super Mario Bros' overworld levels
The game's plot: Basically is "Sponge and Yoshi: Meat's Inside Story"
The theme song of the game's Chozo Statue Room: Is Super Metroid's Item Room Ambience

Sponge's tear-shooting ability: Comes from an upgrade that he gets from a Chozo Statue
Drake and Scoot: Are Animal Crossing characters
The theme song of Daksu's Hideout's entrance hallway: Is Metroid: Zero Mission's Brinstar

Daksu's theme song: Is Link's Awakening's Tail Cave

Daksu: Is a horrific combination of five Animal Crossing characters
Daksu's ...more

2 Every time an extremely weird thing happens during the game

In Green Grass Zone: Meat distorts reality
In Meat's throat: Sponge sees a combination of Bart Simpson and a pig
In Daksu's Hideout: Sponge meets a FIVE-headed duck and goes to Bird Hell
In The Urinary Sea: Sponge swims through urine and avoids "flying" pigs, Space Kids, Meat Fishes, space ships and literal dog fishes while Final Fantasy V's "Beyond the Deep Blue Sea" plays as background music
In The Restaurant 1: Sponge gets robbed at gunpoint by Ringo Starr, who apparently has become a Barefoot Loon
In The Restaurant 2: Mr. Dink tries to force Sponge to sit on his Dink Chairs
In Pasta Land: Sponge explores a world that is completely made out of pasta, pizza and memes
In Sponge's Early Years: Mario's Early Years becomes demonically possessed and sends Sponge to Hell
In Chat City: The "people" that Sponge meets actually are extremely insane Hugh Manns
In Dark Chat City: Sponge basically explores one of his own nightmares
In ...more

3 Every time one of the Chat People says a thing that makes absolutely no sense

"The missing screen lady should say that it is time for us to get the skin."

"The devil will cry and talk about bad cool DMC 4 wrinkles."
"I have a sixfold dead anime soul and my husband only sees the muscles."
"Did Han Solo become Hollywood?"
"In fact, Nintendo actually does not exist."
"Super Smash Bros is one of the best days of this attempted murder."
"I'm in love with Angela the Big Hair."
"Please listen to my OST, bending his ear."
"This is madness. Jesus sent me. Batman is expanding. They are genitals."
"I will drink a cup of flour."
"XBOX 360, heavy bleeding, yes,"
"The king is bad. King them."
"Maybe you're a burger, I say!"
"This game is suck."
"You rotate, okay? Very similar to nuts and honey. I came here."
"Now Currently killed. This is real, or that is not?"
"Joke it is, when jokk jokk."
"Wow! Hears."
"The liquid will always be friends. PIT."
"'In my opinion, I am in the conscience of the note.' Victor then ...more

4 Every time Sponge meets a character who is a random meme-related character that appears out of nowhere during the game

Meat (The MSN Earthworm): Is the game's main villain because it is one of Vinesauce's mascots
The Gnome: Appears as a Joke Item that is a parody of "You've Been Gnomed"

Drake, Scoot and Daksu: Appear in Daksu's Hideout because Vinny likes Animal Crossing
The Smile Ghost: Appears in Bird Hell because Vinny has played Innyume in his Spooptober series
Peeing Mario: Appears in The Urinary Sea because Sponge is trapped in a pit that he needs to get out of
The Space Kids and their UFO: Appear in the Urinary Sea because Vinny has streamed their game

Ringo Starr: Appears in The Restaurant because Vinny has talked about him in his Vinesauce series
Mr. Dink (The Doug character): Appears in The Restaurant because Vinny's "Dink Chairs" joke exists
Space Kids' Knife Pirate: Appears in Pasta Land because Vinny has streamed his game
Bunji, Tinky Winky and Speed Luigi: Appear in Pasta Land because they are Vinesauce memes
The Dancing Sausage ...more

5 Every time the game uses an extremely serious song as the theme song of an extremely goofy thing

The Playstation 1 Startup Song: Plays when Meat appears in Green Grass Zone
Super Metroid's Item Room Ambience: Plays in the game's Cryberry Room
Super Metroid's Item Acquisition Fanfare: Plays when Sponge collects his first Cryberry

Metroid: Zero Mission's version of Metroid 1's Brinstar: Plays in the entrance hallway of Daksu's Hideout
Link's Awakening's Tail Cave: Plays in the part of Daksu's Hideout that Sponge meets Daksu in
Silent Hill's Shadows in the Basement: Plays in Bird Hell
Final Fantasy V's Beyond the Deep Blue Sea: Plays in The Urinary Sea
Earthbound's Battle Against an Unsettling Opponent: Plays when Sponge "fights" Mr. Dink
Earthbound's A Flash of Memory: Plays when Sponge is about to enter Pasta Land

VLDC 7's Worst Map: Plays when Sponge unavoidably gets killed by MSN Earthworms
Chrono Trigger's "Burn! Bobonga! Burn!": Plays in Chat City's basement
Bill Evans' Time Remembered: Plays in Chat City's "Baby Jail"
Passat of ...more

6 Every time something that most ROM hackers have absolutely no idea how to properly create in Super Mario World appears in the game

An incredibly-yet-deliciously large amount of cutscenes and dialogue? Check
Replicas of Earthbound's combat system and one of U.N. Squadron's levels? Check
Freakishly gorgeous graphics? Check (for the most part)
Completely seamless level-to-level transitions? Check
Humor that is genuinely funny and doesn't make the game's gameplay bad? Check (for the most part)
A REAL storyline/plot? Despite the fact that said storyline/plot is a hilariously terrible one, check
A quite-nearly perfect combination of humor and horror? Check

A completely unforgettable soundtrack? Check (for the most part)
An invisible checkpoint system? Check
Music that is as real-sounding as VLDC 9's Abstract Map? Check

An "infinite lives" feature that is an actual part of the game's storyline/plot? Check
An absurdly short length that actually feels natural rather than feeling forced? Check

Characters that are as charming as those of Earthbound, Mother 3 and ...more

7 Every time a joke that directly is about Vinesauce's Vinny appears during the game

Right before the game's title screen: Penn tells Vinny to stop using his annoying "Gongaga" joke
Vinesauce's stupid and unfunny "Meat" character: Is the game's main villain
Vinny's green Vine Shroom: Appears MANY times during the game

Sponge enters Meat's body: By falling through a seemingly bottomless meme-filled pit (Vinny's brain)
Daksu's Hideout and Bird Hell: Are loaded with birds because Vinny has a bird fetish
Scoot: Apparently has had at least one of Vinny's "New Mario Brother Ideas"
Daksu: Says "Wrongaga" to Sponge when Sponge tries to say "Gongaga" to it
The game's version of Mr. Dink: Is a blatant parody of Vinny's version of Mr. Dink
Vinny's impression of Jay Leno: Is "the opposite of funny" in Sponge's Early Years
Luigi's Terminal 6 brain cancer: Is a parody of the Terminal 7 brain cancer that Vinny has given to him
In Chat City: The dog tells Vinny to stop using his annoying "PLAY DMC 2" joke
Will Smith: Tells Vinny that "it's Rewind ...more

8 Every time one of the game's major characters appears for a few seconds or minutes and then immediately disappears

Mario and Luigi: Basically are cameo characters in MMM despite Mario's name being in MMM's title
Scoot: Allows Sponge to read exactly two extremely small pages of his diary while already being dead

Daksu: Gives his Question-Answering Challenge to Sponge and then never is seen or heard from again
Peeing Mario: Fills exactly one pit with his urine while being off-screen and then never is heard from again
Ringo Starr and Mr. Dink: Are Joke Bosses who never are seen or heard from again after their "fights"
Bunji: Is a generic enemy who appears a few times in Pasta Land, eats Sponge's meat and then vanishes
The main narrator of Mario's Early Years: Speaks a few times in Sponge's Early Years and then vanishes
Yoshi: Is available in exactly three of the game's levels (Chat City and the first two parts of Rizon Land)

Princess Bleach: Gets mentioned a few times and then dies while Sponge is trying to rescue her
Vine Rizon: Is one of the game's main ...more

9 Every time Mood Whiplash happens during the game
10 Every time one of the game's boss fights is ludicrously easy

Sponge VS Daksu: Is a harmless Question-Answering Challenge in which Sponge can One-Hit Kill Daksu
Sponge VS Ringo Starr: Is a Cutscene Fight that Sponge literally cannot lose
Sponge VS Mr. Dink: Is a Cutscene Fight that Sponge literally cannot lose
Sponge VS The Dancing Sausage: Is a fight in which Sponge can quite-easily stun-lock his opponent
Sponge VS Mario's Early Years: Is a Cutscene Fight that Sponge literally cannot win
Sponge VS The Cowboys: Is a fight in which Sponge's opponents use attacks that can't even reach him
Sponge VS The Rizon Heads: Is a fight that Sponge can QUITE-easily win over the course of 20 seconds
Sponge VS Meat With Legs: Is a fight in which Sponge can quite-easily stun-lock his opponent

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