Top 10 Hardest Mario Kart 8 Tracks on 200cc

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1 Wii U Rainbow Road

As much as I dislike the slippery roads in neo bowser city, I hate the sharp turns in Rainbow road even more. Unless your using a bike or kart with unrivaled handling, you're guaranteed to fall off a lot of times even if you brake, something I can't say for neo bowser city.

Man this was so hard I played with my brother and he got 11th and I got 12th we had to redo the cup and the 2nd time I got 12th again and he got 11th again, took us 4 tries to win the cup I got 12th each time, the last time my brother got 1st and I got 12th

Rainbow road is my favorite Mario kart track of all time, but two of them are hard

There are no hard tracks in this game only poor gameplay and kart setups

2 3DS Neo Bowser City

This may be harder than rainbow road in 200cc same with PPS (piranha plant slide)

By Far The Hardest Track --- All hail the killer turn

Super easy to fall off on that one greasy turn

hardest track in 200cc with the three 360 degres turn, you'll always fall off on the third one

3 Dragon Driftway

Easier than rainbow road but all those curves are torture
But I think it should be 5

Not built for 200cc

4 Bone-Dry Dunes

Turns are way too sharp, especially after coming off of boost ramps

5 SNES Rainbow Road

Turns are too sharp, track isn't built for 200cc, its near impossible to not fall off.

I was once good at it then I keep falling off the turn in 200cc

Rainbow road is super difficult for me

6 Hyrule Circuit
7 GCN Yoshi Circuit
8 Wii U Bowser's Castle

Me:gets hits by lasers
Me; gets hits by spikey wrecking ball
Me:gets hit by Giant Fire Bowser

The lasers are so hard to get past and the Giant Fire Bowser

The giant fire bowser punching in mk8 is so stressful.

Why do they put a wrecking ball,A giant Fire Bowser and Lasers?😡😡😡

9 GCN Sherbet Land
10 Wii Wario's Gold Mine
The Contenders
11 Baby Park

Lmao why is this here

12 GBA Cheese Land
13 3DS Piranha Plant Pipeway
14 GCN Dry Dry Desert
15 Ice Ice Outpost

Um, excuse me? 16? This could EASILY beat out DP3. Basically, any shortcut you want to take has to be done through drift braking. In 200cc, good luck, as you'll miss 90% of the time. Oh, and let's not forget that you're going to be launched into the abyss several times upon trying to actually get a decent speed. Yeah, super easy!
Near the end, when the track diverges and turns toward the glider section, is the absolute worst. Normally, you would take the yellow path, then drift as close as possible and Mini-Turbo onto the green path. In 200cc, expect a frequent amount of bumping because you overshot your drift by a pixel. This track was already hard, but it's even more unforgiving in 200cc.

Why is This track ranker hard? It's just perfect on 200cc

16 Mount Wario

Expect to constantly brake especially say the beginning

17 SNES Donut Plains 3

DP3 Is Easy, Even With 200cc

18 Toad Harbor

There is WAY too much going on for the human brain to process. Also, expect to get glued every 5 seconds.

19 Big Blue

This has sharp turns, no physical coins and easy to miss shortcuts. Forks in roads too.

WHAT?! It's an F Zero track! It's practically MADE for 200cc.

20 Animal Crossing (Course)

So Low? The Items can put you in a rough spot Quick for such a short course

21 Mario Kart Stadium
22 3ds Music Park
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