Top 10 Hardest Super Mario Galaxy Galaxies

The Top Ten
1 Melty Molten Galaxy

Not home to the hardest star but overall highest ave. Difficulty so definitely hardest

Two words: really hot

Try a Fiery Dino Piranha battle daredevil if Nintendo made one

2 Dreadnought Galaxy

This is personally my 2nd favorite behind good egg, but even still it is difficult. But a right increase in difficulty. The hardest missions here are infiltrating the dreadnought, the secret star and of course, the purple coins.
For some reason I really enjoy the purple coins
and infiltrating the dreadnought is my favorite mission in the entire game. Such a smart, inspired and brilliant level in every aspect.

Lava spire daredevil run is easy but dreadnought galaxy purple coins is so damn hard

3 Toy Time Galaxy
4 Rolling Gizmo Galaxy

Hardest of them all. Why is it so low?

Come on man, this is just easy!

1 star. Hardest galaxy

5 Dusty Dune Galaxy

Beware of the sand

6 Bubble Blast Galaxy

Yeah this is hard

7 Loopdeeswoop Galaxy

This one's sooo easy why are there only easy galaxies on this list?

8 Deep Dark Galaxy

It's not that hard

It's easy for me

9 Bowser's Galaxy Reactor

This is meant to be the last galaxy you visit. And for good reason. Bowser really wants you dead here. After the first section, things get really difficult. The final section before the boss is absolutely insane. The ice section is really tantalizing with that darn one up on the side, the disappearing platform one is impossible to get past without taking a hit, and the fire section is also insane. And then the bossfight. Try beating him without the 6 life. It isn't easy at all. Also the best one star galaxy in the game.

This one has. A hard boss fight that is pretty much it though Alonzo lawrence

10 Bowser's Dark Matter Plant

This one actually isn't that hard...

The Contenders
11 Ghostly Galaxy

Once you know how to avoid Bouldergeist's attacks, it's just a matter of running around and not running into a rock.

Bouldergeist is the reason why this should be higher up the list.

12 Snow Cap Galaxy
13 Freezeflame Galaxy

I'd consider this difficult mainly because of the secret star. Very very difficult. One of the best galaxies, and also one of the hardest. The purple coins is somewhat challenging, and the fire and ice collide is tough as well.

14 Sea Slide Galaxy
15 Bubble Breeze Galaxy
16 Gusty Garden Galaxy
17 Buoy Base Galaxy
18 Drip Drop Galaxy
19 Matter Splatter Galaxy
20 Boo's Boneyard Galaxy
21 Gold Leaf Galaxy

The reason why I want to jump off a bridge. the hidden star is so hard..

22 Sweet Sweet Galaxy

To hard died 8000 times

23 Good Egg Galaxy
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