Top Ten Ideas for New Mario Bros. Games

This is a list of ideas of new Mario game titles. If any readers have ideas, add them. I would like to see your ideas.
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1 New Super Mario Galaxy U

Would be awesome

2 Super Mario Cryptids
3 Super Mario Bros. World

Mario should be half 8-bit, half 16-bit

4 Yoshi Island 2
5 Mario Golf Tour U
6 Mario Kart 3D World
7 New Super Mario Bros. Coin Rush

So basically NSMB 2?

8 New Super Mario World

Yes. it needs to be a 3d platformer. it would have realworld based power ups and I already made a boss. its called the black hatter. it is sort of like wazzat from yo kai watch, but is big, with no mouth,has two swirly eyes attached to his hat, and two white gloves floating ariound. he would be a trickster.

It should be like Super Mario Galaxy, except with REAL Ice Flower and Penguin Suit and Propeller Suit

9 Super Mario Galaxy 3

How about an add-on pack with fifteen new galaxies?

10 Super Mario and Sonic Tag Team Brawl
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11 Super Mario RPG 2

Did you know Paper Mario was going to be called this?

That would be nice

Super Mario RPG 2... AWESOME ! Super Mario RPG, I played the Demo and I wish the full game! I want Super Mario RPG Remake for my 3DS, a T.V. Series and Super Mario RPG 2! I can imagine this rumor!

PD: There's a Miiverse User who thinks Nintendo is making Super Mario RPG 2 actually... PLEASE FOR E3! XDXDXD!

PD2: I want first play SMRPG1 and next SMRPG2!

12 Princess Daisy of Sarasaland, Miles "Tails" Prower & Pac-man Together In Western Canada

Daisy and tails. I am Fangirling those are my favorite characters ever!

I have no idea where this idea came from...

Game of the Year 201X

Um ok...

13 Super Princess Daisy

Princess Daisy's partners will be Pac-Man & Tails (from the Sonic series) whereas Princess Daisy will just wear a small bra on her large boobs & the black skirt of a women's business suit.

Super Princess Peachw as okay, but kinda bland. Mayb super princess daisy could build upon it?

Why not?

That'll be better than SPP

14 Super Mario Sunshine 2

I have a idea for a final boss for This Game.

Mario takes FLUDD from Mario and uses the Jet mechanic to try and squish him. Then he uses the Turbo nozzle and tries to get him. Eventually, he falls down into the lava. Then you get fludd back, and you get to spray the lava off of him, and you get to stomp on him.

It had an actual storyline and epic boss fights. If there was a sequel I want it on the wii or wii you because motion controls would work well with a water jet pack. Also the ending sucked so SEQUEL PLEASE

I loved the first game, and the ending left such a perfect opportunity for a sequel. If a sequel were to be made, I would totally buy it.

That would be nice. Shadow Mario should be in it.

15 Mario Fitness
16 Super Mario 128

That's basically SM64 DS, but still cool

17 Super Mario's Wacky Worlds

OK let's just say Mario jumped into a portal and now he's in a reversed planet

18 Mario Takes America

Slogan For Mario Takes America:
Mario Gets Political!

19 Super Smash Bros 3D

This game just came out, as Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS. I know, bad entitlement.

20 Nintendo vs Sonic and Sega All Star Karts

I wish there would be Pokemon XY, Kirby, Zelda & Earthbound DLCs in there, too!

21 New Super Mario Bros. 3

Oh yes! I want Nintendo to make this.

That would be cool

Have baby Mario and baby lugi

22 Mario & Tails
23 Sonic & Yoshi
24 Mario Unleashed
25 Mario Lost World

Technically, super Mariog alaxy is Mario lost world, since sonic lost world is a lot like super Mario galaxy...

Sort of like another adventure in Subcon, maybe...?

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