Top 10 Mario Kart Double Dash Teams

The Top Ten
1 Mario & Luigi

Not surprised if they're number 1. They are called the Mario BROS for a reason. They will stick together no matter what. Brotherly love for the win

There are the best!

2 Peach & Daisy

Peach & Daisy are totally awesome girls!

And I was being sarcastic.

Mario Kart: Double Dash sucks. Mario Kart 64 is way better.

But Peach & Daisy are making it much worse, so why are they on the list?! King Boo & Petey Piranha are a much better team.

How are they great?! They are not supposed to be main teammates nor did they want to. And what's so good about Princess Peach compared to Princess Daisy?!

I don't like these two but at least their heart item is good it steals other items. However, there ar ebetter teams in the game.

It's a cool couple...
PEACH is so Girly and scaring...
Luckily there Daisy to give her a bit of courage for Wii the race

3 Donkey Kong & Diddy Kong

How in the world is team DK in 9th? There's nothing better for defending your lead than their Giant Bananas.

Donkey Kong, Funky Kong, and Daddy Kong are my top 3 mario characters so this should be #1

4 Yoshi & Birdo
5 Bowser & Bowser JR

Why does Juniro get so much hate? Also, the Bowser shell is awesome.

6 King Boo & Petey Piranha

They can get any ones item take the chain chop baby Mario and baby luigi they can get the fire egg gold mrushroom king banana the Bowser shell and the bombom. that's why the are the best team

This is not funny. King Boo & Petey Pirahna need to be top 1. I don't know how they would be lower than Peach & Daisy.

Why are these two at number eight? Easily the best team.

Slightly overrated, but hey, they aren't Funky Kong!

7 Baby Mario & Baby Luigi

They so have the coolest special item.

8 Koopa & Paratroopa

This is the only game so far parakoopa is in a Mario kart game. He was in BOTH Mario baseball games. The first game he was on DKs team. Next he was on warios team for super sugglers

9 Wario & Waluigi

Wah, number one!

10 Toad & Toadette

They are the best. Even their special, the golden mushroom helps you pick up your speed, and Mario and Luigi's special sucks, and so does Peach and Daisy.

The Contenders
11 Donkey Kong & Yoshi
12 Boo & Yoshi
13 Mario & Paratroopa
14 Waluigi & Birdo
15 Waluigi & Yoshi
16 Toad & Paratroopa
17 Luigi & Daisy

There are the best in the gold kart. I use them to beat every race.

18 Baby Luigi & Luigi
19 Mario & Peach
20 Paratroopa & Toadette

They are a great combination and they do great being in the barrel train

21 King Boo & Bowser Junior
22 Mario & Baby Mario

They help me win and they both have cool special items and their not annoying unlike Peach and Daisy.

I love Mario and Baby Mario. They may make a underrated team, but they get my vote.

23 Toad & Baby Luigi
24 Yoshi & Diddy Kong
25 Toadette & Baby Mario
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