Top 10 Best Paper Mario: Color Splash Levels

Unlike Stinker Star, Color Splash had some rather interesting levels that were definitely not generic. Here they are.
The Top Ten
1 Green Energy Plant

Super Mario Bros. 3 meets Super Paper Mario. Enough said.

This made me happy. I really like color splash

2 Dark Bloo Inn

OK, this may be a regular old haunted place - but they executed it so well. I love how they tied this level and Plum Park together.

My favorite level

3 Fort Cobalt

It's a military base! You''d never expect this in a Mario game!

4 Toad Trainworks

You've seen trains in past Paper Marios, but here, you get to actually repair one!

This was a very cool level.

5 Tangerino Grill

I loved this level because you can cook steaks and pizza. Fun level overall.

6 Vortex Island

The part of the game where you go after the purple star was pretty unique because of the parallel world. However, I think this level executes it the best.

This level had great music and was incredibly unique

7 Sacred Forest

The idea of a tiny forest led to some rather humorous situations.

8 Black Bowser's Castle

What seemed to be a regular castle was turned into a black paint bomb factory. I wish the level could have been longer and with less instant game over parts, which is why it's lower on the list.

9 Mossrock Theater

Just a great level.

10 Plum Park

The park's been poisoned by Petey Piranha, and you have to clean it up while getting a teapot for Dark Bloo Inn.

The Contenders
11 Redpepper Volcano

My favorite Red Paint Star level. Using the Magma Burger to get Draggadon across the lava was really cool and innovative.

I love it, kinda reminds me of Mount Lavalava from Paper Mario

12 Golden Coliseum

The music is my favorite and the boss battle with Iggy was cool because he had these chain chomp chariots. It also was great because there was friendly enemies that you could talk to about the battle royal.

13 Violet Passage

A level where you shoot targets and collect coins with a cannon on a pirate ship.

Pirate ships are always fun

14 Sunglow Ridge

This level was pretty cool and it was weird when the bullet bill came down and splattered black paint everywhere..

15 The Emerald Circus

Fun level, just the boss fight is annoying and way too long

16 Cherry Lake

Very Good Level and Music.
You Learn the Cutout Technique.

17 Marmalade Valley

This level was a fun area where the Toads dig up a giant fossil.

18 Bloo Bay Beach

How is this level not on the list yet? It's awesome! I love ocean fest and the part with the angry toad... classic.

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