Top Ten Reasons Why Mario is Better Than Luigi

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1 Mario saved the video game industry

If Danteem was here, he'd say something like this:
This list is the worst list ever! Luigi is good! Mario is not good!

What is this blasphemy?! How dare you talk down god Luigi?! Shame on you!

This list is true. Besides, I always liked Mario better.

That doesn't affect his character

2 Mario always saves the day while Luigi just helps

In every Mario game that happens

Luigi has saved the day

Yea! I would turn into Bowser and MURDER Luigi

3 Mario cares for everyone

He even cares for Bowser, Bowser Jr, Wario, and Waluigi. Do you think Luigi is like that?!

4 Luigi is a coward

That's exactly why he's better. You know, he actually has a PERSONALITY, unlike Mario. Mario & Luigi: Dream Team perfectly represents the two bros.

Lol, where is danteem ranting? Anyway, Luigi's biggest role in player #2 and when he's actually a character he just screams and runs away while Mario does all the work.

The fact that he still saves the day when he is a coward makes him courageous. Mario's like a cardboard box. No personality

Mario faces them head on; Luigi just runs away from his enemies.

5 Luigi is overrated

This should be number 1. He is the most overrated character I have ever seen. Or one of them.

Yes but overrated doesn't mean he's bad

Yeah that's true


6 Mario is physically stronger
7 Luigi started off as player two

That has no affect on Mario being better than Luigi

8 Without Mario there would be no Wario

Does this reason have anything to do with Luigi?

Without Mario there wouldn’t be a Mario franchise so Without Mario there wouldn’t be a Luigi

9 Luigi is ugly

Yes yes he is

10 Luigi is too fast

Which means he actually takes longer to stop in the games

He is super fast and might make you run into goombas

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11 Mario always saves Peach, Toad and Yoshi

I agree completely thanks for hlp on essay by the way

Yea Mario is number one!

Luigi saves E. Gadd, Mario, Princess Peach, and the toads in the Luigi’s Mansion series

12 Mario is nice to Luigi but Luigi is nasty

Luigi jumped on him in super Mario bros 3 and super smash bros melee

Yea if you read my other commet you will learn the Luigi tried to kill Mario

13 Mario is better because he does most of the stuff

Because Mario is the main character

14 Mario is the main character

True without Mario Luigi wouldn’t exist

15 Mario has better traction
16 Mario has better Smash Moveset than Luigi’s in Smash 64 and Smash 4
17 Mario is a better person

Mario is kind, courageous, resourceful, and always puts himself before others
Luigi is a sniveling coward who would rather stay in his comfort zone than do things for the good of humanity

18 Mario has a better color red when Luigi has a terrible color green

Yea I like the color read being a Harry Potter fan and a Mario fan

19 Luigi has fewer games

Because he’s not the main character

20 Mario is optimistic while Luigi is pessimistic

Luigi doesn't have that charm Mario has. Do I think Luigi is overrated? No. Do I think Mario is underrated? Way too much.

21 Mario has more friends

He had more friends, until Game Theory ruined him.

He did until game theory ( poor Mario)

22 Luigi is boring

In most animations about mario, luigi always wins if you always win your boring

23 Mario is a symbol of hope and optimism

Mario isn't crippled by fear or frustration

24 Mario has inspired kids across the globe
25 Luigi is clumsy
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