Top Ten Reasons Why Mario is Better Than Luigi

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1 Mario saved the video game industry

This list is true. Besides, I always liked Mario better.

2 Mario always saves the day while Luigi just helps
3 Mario cares for everyone

He even cares for Bowser, Bowser Jr., Wario, and Waluigi. Do you think Luigi is like that?!

4 Luigi is a coward

Mario faces them head-on. Luigi just runs away from his enemies.

5 Luigi is overrated

This should be number 1. He is the most overrated character I have ever seen. Or one of them.

6 Mario is physically stronger
7 Luigi started off as player two
8 Without Mario there would be no Wario

Without Mario, there wouldn't be a Mario franchise, so without Mario, there wouldn't be a Luigi.

9 Luigi is ugly
10 Luigi is too fast
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11 Mario always saves Peach, Toad and Yoshi
12 Mario is nice to Luigi but Luigi is nasty

Luigi jumped on him in Super Mario Bros 3 and Super Smash Bros Melee.

13 Mario is better because he does most of the stuff

Because he's the main character, which is the only reason why Mario's fans adore him so much.

14 Mario is the main character
15 Mario has better traction
16 Luigi has fewer games

This is because Nintendo always shafts Luigi off to the side. Poor Luigi.

17 Mario has more friends

He had more friends until Game Theory ruined him.

18 Mario has better Smash Moveset than Luigi’s in Smash 64 and Smash 4
19 Mario is a better person
20 Mario has a better color red when Luigi has a terrible color green

Yes, I like the color red, being a Harry Potter fan and a Mario fan.

21 Mario has more experience than Luigi
22 Mario is More Serious than Luigi
23 Mario is optimistic while Luigi is pessimistic

Luigi doesn't have that charm Mario has. Do I think Luigi is overrated? No. Do I think Mario is underrated? Way too much.

24 Luigi is boring

In most animations about Mario, Luigi always wins. If you always win, you're boring.

25 Mario is a symbol of hope and optimism
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