Top Ten Reasons Why Super Mario Galaxy Is Bad

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1 The Gravity Gimmick

If you aren't on planets with their own gravity, you're in SPACE, so yeah, there's either gravity or no gravity. This list is pretty bad.

Nice Nintendo... you have gave us the wrost gimmick of all time. It can cause cheap deaths and o just can't take it anymore.

The planets are all too small and running around causes disorientation. this game is too confusing and frustrating

I like the gravity gimmick...

2 Princess Peach Gets Kidnapped Again

Yeah I know, but come on guys, this is in EVERY Mario GAME guys, it is obviously gonna be the problem in any Mario game. Frankly, because of the cinematics and great game thematics and elements, the kidnapping this game is better than in most games. It is an actually epic display and if it wasn't in every game, it would be interesting and awesome. Stop complaining because this game has a much higher quality than standard Mario games, and those are still good, so this one must be great if it is a step up from good games. If you want creativity, go play the Paper Mario and Mario and Luigi series, as they are AMAZING games with awesome and actually original storylines (and also Super Mario RPG Legend of the Seven Stars, just didn't say it before because it is not part of a series). This game has the best GAMEPLAY for a Mario game and that's what really matters. The story isn't even that bad anyway, and even though it isn't original, it has higher quality and cinematics than most Mario ...more

(Here we go again) 1 thing wrong with the top ten points on this list:
1. Peach gets kidnapped- No, bowser rips her castle out of the ground and steals the entire castle.
2. Gravity- So, the game introduces a gravity mechanic and it's still unoriginal? Which is it?
3. The controls- The controls a pretty good. People are saying they're not original. They're motion controls. Did the Gamecube have that? No
4. Rosalina introduced- Oh, sorry, are there too many female characters in the Mario universe now? Don't worry about the girls who are playing smash bros or Mario Kart and seeing a sea of males who fight, while the few women get kidnapped. Adding one that does useful things and doesn't get kidnapped is probably a stupid idea
5. The music- The MUSIC is a reason to hate the entire game? That's a bit ridiculous. What about, I don't know, Breath of the Wild. There's barely any music in that. Should I hate the entire game now?
6. The Water Levels- Water Levels suck in ...more

The only game without a damsel in distress in the main series is Mario Land 2 (it's not the best 2d Mario game for no reasons) so if you complain that Peach got kidnapped again, why are you a Mario fan? Plus, they could make it in a good way like in the first two paper mario games.

Ah, yes. One of the most useless reasosn to hate Mario. I prefer Classic Mario games over Modern Mario games, but some Mario games for the Wii like Mario Strikers Charged, Super Mario Galaxy and Super Paper Mario are undeniably badass!

3 The Controls

The controls themselves aren't bad, but I always hated using the nunchuck for a big adventure in need of many control inputs like this, so I always disliked these controls. Anyway, this is actually the only thing remotely bad about this game, it is a really solid game.

It would be at least passable if it had non motion controls. Instead, it's bad.

The controls are TOO easy. The controls are too easy that it not that much fun... OK sure it is but I guess the controls are not special (compared to other games) is because there's nothing much to it except the power-ups

Personally, it controls very good (not as much as Odyssey, but still).

4 Rosalina was introduced

Daisy fans, Rosalina is not going anywhere. She is an awesome character that many people like. Just because your bae Daisy is not in this game and "Trashalina" is does not mean it's a bad game. You Daisy fans need to try playing the game instead of just assuming it's bad because Rosalina is in it. I only said "Trashalina" because that's what Daisy fans think she is when she's clearly not.

This was a comment made by an immature Daisy fan. Rosalina is not a parasite. She is a queen and controls the universe. Sure, I like Daisy to, but there are good Rosalina and daisy fans and bad Rosalina and Daisy fans. Rosalina is quiet because she lost her mother. She hasn't hade an easy childhood. If YOU were Rosalina, I think you would be quiet too. This is not offending any character in any way, I am just telling you that you can't always hate chracters because of their fanbase. And yes, Rosalina hate is going way to far. Save all the hate.

Whoever made this comment under me is a Daisy Fan. I have news for you. Daisy hasn't been appearing in SEVERAL GAMES. Why! Cause of her bratty fans. Waluigi? Nope. Cause of his bratty fans. And it's not fair to judge a character based on their fanbase. Why does every character have to be loud and annoying? Why can people simply understand why she's bland and quiet? Does anyone listen to the stories anymore? Do I ask to many questions?

Nintendo unleashed a parasite with this game. I hope they get rid of Rosalina I really don't understand why they keep shoving her down our throats.

5 The Music

This is the complete OPPOSITE OF TRUE! You get favorite pieces like Gusty Garden, Bowser Boss, Buoy Base, and other greats. In fact all these reasons are unreasonable and just are completely wrong

WHAT THE HECK!?! Music like Buoy Base, Space Junk, Beach Bowl, The final Bowser battle, Battlerock and especially Gusty Garden are just a few examples. SMG is my favourite game of all time and to those who dislike this game, Stop it. Get some help.

The music is pretty good but uh... Some are just stupid remixes. Also, some are reused in other galaxies for example Honeycomb galaxy and Gold leaf galaxy have the same song and speaking of same...

Heck no! The music of this game is incredible. It's different than other Mario games. It's one of the greatest parts of a phenomenal game!

6 Unoriginal

I never considered originality to be important and consider it more as a bonus. Even then it's more original than all the NSMB games except the original, and 3d land. Not Galaxy 2 and 3d World though, because I think the level-design is more interesting in those games than Galaxy.

Bull. It is very innovative, just like Super Mari Sunshine and Super Mario 64!

This game is a lot more original than most other Super Mario games.

And the fact that your going into space isn't original? Damn.

7 It's Very Overrated

Again people hating on things only because they are popular. Most of you Galaxy haters probably haven't even played the game and just hate it because it is popular. Overrated does not mean it's terrible.

This should be at least top 2. Seriously, what's the point of praising this game if liking Princess Peach's appearance instead of the gravity physics?!

I don't care if it's overrated or not, saying a game is overrated isn't a flaw of the game. It just means lots of people like it.

There's no way this is top 20. Seriously, this should be at least top 3.

8 The Water Levels

Too slow Mario. It too hard to move anyway because he just spaz anywhere he wants kinda feels like Superman 64.

It's not a big deal since Mario controls better underwater in this game than he ever will in future games.

Yeah Mario is slow but there's mostly shells around and that makes you move fast enough.

Mario goes too slow underwater, even it is hard to avoid enemies underwater!

9 The Bosses

If you ask to me, they are better than Sunshine for being more consistent, and better than 64, for being interesting. Say what you will about bosses being too easy Dino pirhana is way more original than a walking bomb that doesn't use bombs or a whomp that is like a regular whomp except it dies in three hits and his bigger. That being said, Galaxy 2, and Odyssey are really the games that nailed Mario boss fights honestly.

They are too easy and has no challenge. No not at all. These bosses are a joke and that Is disappointing because Mario always have challenging bosses. laugh out loud no he never does. Even the final boss is... Too easy

Yeah right. For me, Kingfin is the best underwater boss in gaming. It was an interesting fight and the shell's make the underwater controls better. Why is this on the list?

I find the bosses very hard and than only to find out they have a simple weakness that I wasted five lives in order to figure that out.

10 The Voice Acting

Ehh... There's not much talking in SMG it's mostly Mario speaking while you move around and there's no problem with his voice actor.

In the beginning when I heard Peach... As much as I like her, MY GOD WHY!?

I'm sorry but a few noises isn't enough voice acting to be judge. It's like saying Banjo Kazooie's voice acting is bad even though it's just noises.

The just go "oh" and "aww" all the time. Then when you beat the game, Mario says "thank you so much for playing my game". And thank you do much for a waste of money on this stupid game.

Worster then Shadow the hedgehog and Super Mario sunshine. I agree with you chaotixhero. You're good. I prefer sonic lost world more because at least that game got decent voice acting

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11 An awful story

The only significantly bad thing about the story (for Mario standards) is that the beginning is rehash of Paper Mario on N64. I mean, Peach invites Mario to the castle, but then Bowser kidnapps Peach by pulling the castle out of the ground, and then Mario fall of the castle and he lands somewhere where he meets star people.

I will say that Rosalina's story is not bad however it's missing opportunities. You see when you discover count Bleck's backstory in Super Paper Mario, it makes you understand why he acts like this, and where his goal comes from. Meanwhile, Rosalina's backstory doesn't add anything to her character. That and she don't do a lot of things in that game anyway.

F you! It introduced Rosalina the best character in Mario and probably top 5 for best game character and her backstory is amazing as well as her character in general!

Shut your pie hole! This story is fantastic! Well, Rosalina's anyway.

12 It Has a Sequel

I hate both Mario Galaxy games, especially because of Princess PEach & infrequent penguins in SMG2.

I agree and disagree

Which is even better

13 The Hub World

It is bad, but Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door has an even worse hub world. Seriously? Rogueport? Worst hub world ever! But I love Flipside! And I wanted to go to Sarasa Land, not the crappy Mushroom Kingdom where Princess Peach makes very big fusses.

I liked it, but Isle Delfino was more engaging because it had a heavy focus one exploration! I also liked Rogue[port from the underrated and underapreciated Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door and Peach's Castle from Super Mario 64!

You only hate the hub world just because it involves Rosalina Daisy fans!

I like the hub world!

14 Terrible Power-ups

I didn't like how the Fire Flower And Ice Flower were timed, but then again, if it weren't, it would have been an incredibly easy game. And the boo mushroom, didn't like how you could only be invisible for like.5 seconds then your visible again. But then again, if it could stay visible, lots of glitches in the making. With Bee Mario, you can't go really high, and in some cases, (okay most cases) it's usually fatal. And spring mushroom? I need a whole article on how bad that is.

Boo Mario is an awesome power up! The ability to be a boo is awesome. Spring Mario sucks though as it's uncontrollable and Bee Mario feels slow flying and is pretty useless besides for climbing on honey walls.

The problem is not that the power-ups are bad, it's that a lot of them are not use to their maximum potential. Spring Mario sucks though.

Ha ha Bee Mario?! Boo Mario? Spring Mario? These power-ups are so stupid! Who came up with these?

15 Similar Galaxies

So first, most of them are not similar, and second, when they make similar galaxies it's well done. For example, I think Honeyhive being gold leaf but backwards and different seasons was a good idea.

Honeycomb galaxy and gold leaf galaxy. Enough said

Sea slide galaxy and beach bowl galaxy...

Now that you think about it...

16 Princess Daisy Was Not In The Game

Agreed she is only in ONE main game and heck I think Nintendo is gonna comepletely forget about her and why the heck in rosalina everywhere now? Its only been like 8 years and daisy has been around for 26! They did not even do anything for her 25th anniversary!

Thank good she wasn't! I don't want no whinny, dumb, poser ruining a good game that has the goddess Rosalina in it!

This comment proves that this site is 100% Daisy Fans and 0% Rosalina Fans.

Agreed.I cannot believe Nintendo left Daisy biting the dust.I want her in more mainstream games, not only Mario kart and Mario party.Look, Rosalina had a five year absense and BOOM! She's In everything! Daisy waited for like 9 years and only appeared in Mario Tennis.Anyways Whatever games Rosalind and Peach appear, Daisy should appear.

17 Too Easy

This was the main reason I didn't Like the galaxy games I like a challenge and see how challenging 64 and sunshine were I expecting much higher and Galaxy was way too short too even beating 100%.

This isn't even an issue, it should be easy to start with, and there are a number of levels that are hard. It only becomes "too easy" if you have already beaten those levels, or SMG2.

This game is one of the most difficult Mario games but that makes it even better! You feel good when you complete a level

Super Mario Galaxy's difficulty gets higher if you go far into the game. Even most comet levels are hard

18 Sonic: Lost World Is Better Than This

I agree strongly. Super Mario Galaxy is awful & would've been a perfect game until Princess Peach was in this game instead of Princess Daisy and Super Mario Galaxy 2 exists.

Who ever put this here, Thank you! I don't care what some of you will say, Sonic lost world is way better and just because it on the Wii U doesn't mean it has worst controls. The controls are great once you get use to them and at least sonic lost world has challenge while Mario galaxy is a cakewalk

Ah yes, the Sonic fanbase throwing shade on every game that isn't a Sonic game.

Sonic lost world is boring. The gravity gimick is a rip off, and barley any speed, and the whips were just added with no story to them or anything just to add more use for the gamepacd

19 No Frog Suit

Actually, it is hard to control on land see Nathaniel Bandy's video on Top 5 Worst Mario power ups/Smash bros items and he'll tell you all about the frog suit. But yes, along with the penguin suit, makes swimming much easier.

And I thought people hated the frog suit.

People hate the frog suit.

Frog suit be like frog

20 Princess Peach Getting Angry

I don't like Peach but give me one scene where she got angry!

Trust me, she has an awful temper. Do you believe so, Chaotixhero?

When did she get angry?

She don't get angry

21 Princess Peach's Dress

What's next Princess Peach's hair? Princess Peach's shoes? Princess Peach's lips? Princess Peach's crown? Princess Peach's hand? Really Peach haters?

What the... are you guys two years old? Its Mario Galaxy, Not Peach Galaxy. This game had NOTHING to do with Peach. She doesn't even have two minutes worth of screen time in this game. That's like saying you don't like Dogs because Cats have pointed ears. Like... how stupid are you? Might as well change the title to "Why Peach Sucks". Why not actually talk about the game?

Ok, I'm so tired of all the comments about princess peach being bad. This list is about why Galaxy is bad, if you don't like galaxy because of Peach how are you even a Mario fan? I mean deal with it, and go whine about Peach in another list.

That dress is in nearly every Mariog ame where she appears, including super Mario 64! So, why do you only hate the dress in this game?

22 Princess Peach gave us the evil eye in the beginning of the game

She sucks! I don't know why people would like this game's story!

This makes no sense

No she didn't! She sucks but that neve rhappened! Giv eme one scene where it did!

23 Frustrating Missions

This game is amazing, but there is one mission that pisses me off so therefore I give it a 0/10.

The one where you had to navigate Mario in a bubble away from bombs while over poisonus water was frusturating, I'll give you guys THAT one...

Only a few of them are

24 Too many things have a face
25 Princess Peach's quotes

@HeavyDonkeyKong: I think that's the dumb Peach haters problem. Because even though they hate her voice, they want her to have an amazing and memorable moment with her like in SM 64.

"Mario! The power of the stars is restored to the castle... And it's all thanks to you! Thank you, Mario! "

If she was voiced by Leslie Swan, you fanboys would probably love this game1You are hating an amazing game over one characters voice! WHY?!?

She barely has any! How does she ruin the game if she only appears a few times?!?

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