Best Super Mario Kart Cups

The Top Ten
1 Special Cup

Even though this game has terrible controls, making harder courses incredibly annoying to deal with, I still put the Special Cup at the highest spot. This is because, even if the courses are really hard, they aren't that obnoxious to deal with and offer fun challenges.

Donut Plains 3 is a great course, really testing your skills with the gap on the bridge. Koopa Beach 2 has some really interesting challenges where you drive in the water. Ghost Valley 3 has all these gaps you must avoid, and Vanilla Lake 2 (favorite course) makes you decide whether to jump over the water or choose the ice block route. And who could forget Rainbow Road, a really solid final challenge? Overall, it's the best course in the game.

2 Star Cup

Star Cup is the second-best cup of the game, in my opinion. Mario Circuit 4 is pretty empty, but the others are decent. Choco Island 2 is underrated since all the mud and ramps make it a breath of fresh air from the emptiness of other tracks in the game, and they are not annoying for me.

Bowser Castle 3 has many different routes, and some of them require more skills than others, which is really cool. Koopa Beach 1 is a cool relaxing course. Vanilla Lake 1 is like its awesome cousin Vanilla Lake 2, except with slightly fewer things, which makes it worse personally but is still one of the best tracks in the game.

3 Mushroom Cup
4 Flower Cup

For the Flower Cup, Donut Plains 2 has some Monty Moles, which is cool for SNES standards. Bowser Castle 2, I guess, has a dead end, which, say what you want about it, at least it's unique. Other than that, the Cup has pretty empty tracks but is still more alive than Mushroom.