Best Super Mario Kart Cups

The Top Ten
1 Special Cup

Even though this game has terrible controls, making harder courses incredibly annoying to deal with, I still put the Special Cup at the highest spot because even if the courses are really hard, they aren't that obnoxious to deal with, but have fun challenges. Donut Plains 3 is a great course, really testing your skills with the gap on the bridge, Koopa Beach 2 has some really interesting challenges where you drive in the water, Ghost Valley 3 has all these gaps you must avoid and Vanilla Lake 2 (favourite course) makes you decide wether to jump over the water, or choose the ice block route. And who could forget Rainbow Road, a really solid final challenge. Overall, the best course in the game.

Special Cup is easily the best Cup in the game. Ghost Valley 3 is a bit empty for me, but the other tracks are very good for SNES standards. Donut Plains 3 has water you have to avoid, and a few monty moles. Koopa Beach 2 ask you to avoid holes in the water, and algaes, which is quite a ride. Rainbow Road is unique thanks to the absence of a Rainbow Road 2, and avoiding the rainbow thwomps is really cool (plus the music is amazing). But the cream of the crop, is Vanilla Lake 2. This is the most underrated track in the series. I always found ice tracks to be way overhated, since ice tracks are actually, not that slippery in my opinion, and in the case of Vanilla Lake 2, despite being the game with the worst controls in the series, I feel like Vanilla Lake 2 is one of the tracks that controls the best. I also love the ice block because of how unique of an obstacles they are, and I love trying to have the sharpest turns as possible, and jump over the little holes of the glaciers. I'm ...more

2 Star Cup

Star Cup is the second best cup of the game in my opinion. Mario Circuit 4 is pretty empty, but the others are decent . Choco Island 2 is underrated since all the mud and ramps make it a breath of fresh air from the emptiness of other tracks in the game, and are not annoying for me. Bowser Castle 3 has many different route, and some of them requieres more skills than other, which is really cool. Koopa Beach 1 is a cool relaxing course. Vanilla Lake 1 is like its awesome cousin Vanilla Lake 2, except with slightly less things, which makes it worse personally, but is still one of the best tracks in the game.

This cup has a slightly better selection of tracks than the Flower Cup. Two of them are course-types not present in that cup, namely Vanilla Lake (1) and Koopa Beach (1). One of them is pretty annoying while the other is alright because it's easy and not so obnoxious. Choco Island 2 is one of the worst tracks ever, but Mario Circuit 4 and Bowser Castle 3 are pretty decent or good which makes it more playable luckily.

3 Mushroom Cup

Ok. This cup is in contention for being one of the worst cup in Mario Kart history. You see, the Mushroom Cup is the easiest, and therefore they usually have the most empty tracks in their respective games. Now just imagine, having some of the most empty tracks of a game where most of the tracks are already pretty empty, all in one cup. To be fair Mario Circuit 2 is okay, but only because it's the only track in the entire game to have an high jump. All the other are just boring.

This cup is incredibly boring, but as this is the easiest of all cups in a game with terrible controls, all of the courses are at least playable and don't make you rage-quit. Donut Plains 1, Ghost Valley 1 and Mario Circuit 2 are pretty fun tracks while Mario Circuit 1 and Bowser Castle 1 are just uninteresting.

4 Flower Cup

This is one of the most terrible selections of tracks in a Mario Kart game at all and might actually be the worst Mario Kart cup ever offered, tied with say DS Shell Cup. Four out of five tracks here are flat-out terrible, which includes Choco Island 1, Ghost Valley 2, Bowser Castle 2 and Mario Circuit 3. All of these courses have super sharp turns, a dead end slow as heck off-road and/or have no fun challenges. Donut Plains 2 is the only somewhat alright track as it's a Donut Plains (you can't really go wrong with Donut Plains) and has more fun challenge. But overall this might be the worst Mario Kart cup of all time actually.

For the flower cup, Donut Plains 2 has some monty moles which is cool for SNES standards, and Bowser Castle 2 I guess has a dead end, which say what you want about it, at least it's unique. Other than that the Cup has pretty empty track, but is still more alive than Mushroom.